Friday, June 05, 2015

Is Monty Hall running America?

Touting the success of Robertscare, idiot Republi-Rats, sadly including Marco Rubio, are trying to push another unread bill the majority of the American people disapprove of down our throats.  But Lex you haven’t read it either so how can be against it?  Well I can be against it precisely because I have not been given the opportunity to know what’s in it.

Ever watch Let’s Make a Deal?  The lady dressed up as a Moon Pie already has a vacation prize package worth $28,000.  Monty Hall asks her if wants to trade it for what’s behind door #2.  The smart money would be to stand pat.  Let the loser who won the $400 moped try to upgrade.   Occasionally you’ll see an idiot trade a nice package for the opportunity to make more.  The look on the greedy bastard’s face is priceless, after Chip says, “You’ve won a new boat!” and then the curtain is rolled away to reveal Grandpa Johnston’s 1910 fishing row boat sans the oars and trailer to tow it.

Let’s Make a Deal is BS way to run what is supposed to be Democratic Republic.  The Caligula, D.C. crowd is quite happy to trade away, what up until 2008 was, the greatest thing going in the history of the world for a completely unknown commodity.  It wouldn’t be so bad if we had not already been down this road.  Or if having been this road, things had worked out well for us.  We have been down this road with Robertscare and by any measure it has been a disaster.

I remain a Scott Walker guy but have to dump Rubio in favor of Carly Fiorina.  For me, Fiorina has been the most impressive candidate on the trail.  She is totally fearless in her criticism of the Shrilldabeast and the rest of the Caligula, D.C. regulars Rat and Dope alike.

You cannot bang your head against the brick wall for 20+ years then think, well if I bang my head against the wall for just another 4 years the pain will finally go away.   All of these bastards have to be sent packing.  Sad thing is, we’ll send the Rats packing while the lefty libs keep their azzclown menagerie.
Note:  As I typed that this thought struck me.  Remember how we conservatives rightly poo pooed a Constitutional Amendment to protect the meaning of the word “marriage”?  Well the Shrilldabeast is proposing an amendment to change the meaning of the word.  The lefty Libs will ride that train into 2016 calling anyone who opposes the idea a homophobic bigot.  I opposed the Constitutional Amendment to protect the meaning of the word "marriage" not because I didn’t agree with the principle it contained but rather because I didn’t trust any of the current crop Caligula, D.C. azzweasels to mess with the founder’s document.  Now I would oppose the amendment on the principle it represents as well as the fact that their not 5 people in the current congress who have the intellectual acumen, loyalty to country over party and restraint to screw with our constitution.

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