Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pope let’s cat out of the bag

Lex has maintained that global warm-mongering has about as much to with “climate change” as Billbo Clinton does with promoting chivalry.  Pope Francis, too overwhelmed by the daily functioning of the Catholic Church, has decided to take on something more manageable – climate change - and as much as confirmed Lex’s point.  Francis said:  Today we cannot help but recognize that a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach, which must integrate justice in the discussions of the environment, to hear the cry of the earth as much as the cry of the poor. 

What the hell does that even mean?  What is integrating justice in the discussion of the environment?  Hear the cry of the Earth as much as the cry of the poor?  YGBSM.  Sounds a lot like socialist BS to me.  So anything the pope has to say outside the Catholic catechism from now on will be treated by me as if it were coming from that most reliable source Homer Simpson.  It is a joke.

Picked up some kind of crud which – given the way I have felt the past couple of days – could be fatal.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin...
The Pope should recheck his red phone hotline to the Almighty about ecological and societal risk. Recalibrate his reference. Example is Southern California. Today people are stealing water from each other because they are too stupid to build reservoirs and they live on the most active earthquake faults in the world. Rising waters from global warming will not catch the average common-sense-Joe off guard. When his ankles get wet he will move. This is commonly called human migration. When California splits in half in 2 minutes who will be expected to step in? Those with more common sense. Like people from Indiana. Perhaps God should make moves to encourage them to leave. Mangle the state's finances, line their courts with idiot ideologues, have occasional earthquake's as reminders, dry up the water supply, drive businesses and jobs out of state because of crazy taxes, overpopulate it with poor illegal immigrants that should go somewhere else, maybe Greece. And then pow! How about New Orleans? Build a city on the ocean that is below sea level. You can't blame God for that lunacy. He is the one that gave us common sense to start with. It not His fault if we do not exercise it.