Thursday, June 25, 2015

The loons are running the asylum. Here’s a rundown.

Chain smoking, wine guzzling, treasury looting, golf hack, and king sized ignoramus OJ Boehner is heaping punishment down on conservative members of the house who oppose the drunken clown’s effort to cede more power to The Empty Suit through a secret trade agreement.  The fact that it’s secret is all you really need to know to oppose it.  If this consummate Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzwagon spent half as much effort going after Dopes as he did going after the conservative wing of his own party, he’d be less of a colostomy bag.

Conservative pundits are no better than the stuttering cry baby drunk Demo-Dope lite bastard running the house.  When Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president, conservative pundits from the Fox All Stars to the National Review unloaded on Trump in a manner rarely – if ever - seen in the manner they unload on TES and his band of incompetents.  Trump’s worth 9 billion dollars.  Maybe he has something worthwhile to say.  The pundits say he’ll make a mockery of the process.  That’s sort of like saying giving James Mason a bit part in the next Sharknado movie will detract from the seriousness of its subject matter.   What they are truly afraid of is the plain spoken truth.

Everything Confederate is under attack and the Rats remain silent.  The confederate flag is the Dope flag of the 1960s.  Who put it up in SC in the first place?  The Dopes did.  Same with signs and the names of public buildings throughout the south.  Has even one Republican bothered to remind black voters who it was who institutionalized Confederate history - as if they had won the war - throughout the south? 

With regard to now renaming all of those public buildings, fine go ahead.  I never could understand why there is a Ft. Bragg anyway.  If you’re going to name a US Army fort after an enemy general at least pick a good one.  Of all the talented leadership found throughout the ranks of the Confederate Army, why settle on Bragg.  Aside from the battle of Chickamauga, Bragg’s legacy is one of retreat.  If you want to name a US Army fort after an enemy general, call it Fort Forest, after Nathan Bedford Forest.  Forest was a tenacious and victorious southern general.  He did fund the Ku Klux Klan after the war, but still if you’re going to honor an enemy general, at least pick a winner.

After smelling blood in the water with the SC Confederate flag, racist lefties want to go on an ISIS, Taliban type purge of the south and rewriting of US history by destroying Confederate monuments, the Jefferson Memorial and any and all vestiges of slavery and the old south.  Now when a conservatives objects to public money being used to photograph a crucifix in a jar of urine, the left labels that censorship.  But when the left demands the destruction of monuments, the renaming of public buildings, an air brushing of cigarettes from historic pictures and a complete whitewashing of American history and culture that’s labelled progress. 
As I’ve noted here for a long time, nearly all of the real racism and intolerance in America is on the left.  I’d rather sit on the front porch of a guy flying a Confederate flag than be in the presence of a Gaystapo loving, Christian hating, America hating, hate filled lefty Ivy League professor.

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