Friday, June 19, 2015

SC and Pope Homer/Francis

Stream of though on SC Church murders
I am surprised that the MSM and idiot pols are all over this SC shooting as “racist” before one thing is known about the mental state of the shooter.  I suppose if he is found to be crazy and unfit for trial, riots will ensue given the rush to judgement about the shooter’s motives.  I’m also a bit surprised about the near continuous comparisons between this and incidents in 1950s America.  I do not know for sure, but I’ll bet the shooter has no more historic reference to 1950s America than the man in the moon.  But there’s Geraldo making reference to Birmingham church burnings.  Like the litany of callous azzbags who have committed these kind of mass shootings, I’d wager that this shooter is mentally disturbed.  That those closest to him knew he was crazy as a loon and due to lefty Lib policy dealing with crazy people that there was nothing that could be done to get him help.

Some out of touch SC pol blamed Fox News for the shooter’s actions.  I doubt that the shooter spent 15 seconds a day informing himself with news from any source.  If anyone is to blame for spewing polarizing rhetoric that might incite such a shooting - which they are not – it is probably more likely that The Empty Suit and Eric the Wad Holder are at fault for the SC shooting than anything that has been on Fox News in the last 20 years.  TES and the wad are engage in race spewing rhetoric and polarizing statements on race and are in my opinion themselves more racists than anything on Fox News.

On May 23rd and 24th in Chicago, IL 10 people were killed on the streets.  Only one of those was listed as white.  I’m not sure why the 9 people of color gunned down in Chicago at the end of May are less well known than the 9 people killed in SC this week.  There are some obvious differences.  The SC dead were at hands of a single shooter.  The SC shooter was white and all of his victims were black.  The SC shooting took place in a church while the bulk of Chicago shootings probably involved gang-bangers.  But just in the sense of the human toll, the shooting are not all that different.  One is considered a tragedy and the other is more or less business as usual.  That probably says more about the media and pols than anything else.  SC can be exploited.  Chicago is proof positive of their failed policies, so cue the crickets.

If there is one ray hope in all of this, we have discovered one group of Christians whose senseless murders The Empty Suit is willing to speak out against.  If you’re a Middle Eastern Christian being beheaded by ISIS well, so sad too bad for you.

Pope Homer on economics, science and hypocrisy
Note to Homer: To the extent that there is an uneven distribution of capital in this world it is more due to an uneven distribution of capitalism than global warming or any other condition.
Note to Homer:  Capitalism is cleaner for the environment than any other form of government.  Check out any socialist/communist country's emissions compared to the US.

Note to Homer:  “Scientific consensus” is not science.  In fact it is the absences of science.  

Note to Homer:  As always when addressing the global warm-mongers who demand everyone give up their cars, flat screens, meat, heat and air conditioning to save the planet – you believe this nonsense.  So you go first.

Note to Pope Francis:  Nice touch bringing something that actually concerns the Catholic faith into a 288 page mess.  Of course the lefty libs who tout your global warm-mongering encyclical of shinola can’t find a word in it about the sanctity of life.
Note to Pope Francis and the bishops:  Go down this road if you must, but it’ll be without a dime of my money.  I'm done.

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From the Griffin...
I will jump on the "love and forgiveness trumps hate" bandwagon displayed by the amazing Christians in Charleston . TES spews the N word, calls for a big argument on gun laws, while the Pope throws wood on the income distribution fire, and global warming diatribe. Both could learn a few things from those in Charleston. Hardcore libs and flags seem to have interesting and symbolic relationships. US Flag, represents imperialism so burn it. Don't Tread On Me is racist, so burn it. Stars and Bars are racist so burn it. US Military flags are militaristic so burn them. Libs like the solid white flag of surrender and Jane Fonda has flown the Repub of North Vietnam flag, and I say burn them. Kingsford Charcoal will be launching their new products next month which includes Matchlight Flags. I will be looking for the Code Pink Matchlight Flag. I hear it fizzles and streams rainbow colors as it goes up in flames. And the fourth of July is coming. I will be on guard duty protecting it with a spare ready to go.