Wednesday, June 24, 2015

OPM hack just another government eff up that nobody is responsible for

The Chi-Coms are openly running amok over The hapless little Empty Suit and his band know-nothing turd merchants.  The commies grabbed 30 million of so personal files from the government’s Office of Personnel Management.  During a congressional hearing on the matter yesterday government azzweasels who are responsible for protecting the stolen information answered questions more as if they were people grabbed off the street than government employees responsible for the government’s human resources.

When asked a series a questions one fat smug over-paid woman who resembled a blister bag said she either didn’t know or was “working” to find the answer to the questions.  The only thing this fat idiot knew for sure was that nobody was responsible for the leak. That’s right when asked who should be held responsible for the Chi-Com hack the government’s personnel files, the waste of flesh was certain for the first time during the hearing that nobody should be held responsible. 

I’d have fired every damned one of them that afternoon.  The cry like with the VA and the IRS goes out, “Well you need people who know how to run these agencies during the crisis.”  These are the idiots who created the crisis in the first place.  These are the exact same clueless idiots who apparently do not know anything about the crisis they created.  So fire their worthless azzes.  What possible difference could it make?
So Russia is acting out in Europe.  The Chi-Coms are acting out in the Pacific.  ISIS running the Middle East.  All of that and the Republi-RAT response is give the jug eared dope in the Oval Office more power regarding trade authority.  When your kid wrecks the car for the 5th time, it’s time to restrict his driving not buy him a Maserati.  Boehner and McConnell are Caligula, D.C. ruling class excrement stick insiders only off a degree or two from the Roach Reid and TES.  And somehow the ruling class azzweasels would have us believe Donald Trump is the clown.

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