Friday, June 26, 2015

Sadly no surprise in SCOTUS decision on Robertscare

I’d like to say that I’m surprised by the 6-3 SCOTUS decision on Robertscare.  Considering that the court is appointed by Caligula, D.C. ruling class PsOS and approved by Caligula, D.C. ruling class PsOS, why wouldn’t SCOTUS also be or become Caligula, D.C. ruling class PsOS?  That fact plus the fact that we already knew that Chief Justice Roberts was willing to run his head even further up his own backside in order to eliminate all light and air to discern some make believe reason for allowing the ACA to stand.

What happened yesterday should give anyone interested in freedom pause.  The court decided that the words contained in a law are irrelevant.  What matters is what the racist fascist excrement stick in the Oval Office says it means.  So if four people are murdered in Benghazi, it doesn’t matter how incompetent The Empty Suit and the Shrilldabeast were or how much that incompetence contributed the death of the four.  If TES and Godzilla in a pantsuit claim the murders were due to a video, well then the video maker is arrested in the dark of the night and thrown in jail, case closed.  What’s worse, nobody cares.

I’d say this all banana republic BS but that would actually give banana republics a bad name.  Now the Louis Renault’s of America acting on the orders of the Gaystapo or any other lefty Lib approved organization can round up the usual suspects on whatever trumped up charges they wish to invent.  Sounds ridiculous but what the court decided yesterday was that the words of laws have no meaning other than what the fascists running the show say they mean.

The IRS has already targeted conservative Americans for special interest.  The FBI and the ATF have already been proven complicit in a gun running scheme designed to whip up anti-gun sentiment.  The DoJ has already declared that if you’re of a particular skin tone they have no interest in prosecuting you for certain crimes.  DHS has already declared white military men returning from war a bigger threat to America than Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  The Gaystapo can ruin a mom and pop bakery, pizza shop and photographer for exercising their 1st Amendment rights.  Through it all no one cares.  Why then is it unimaginable that the government would take Ted Cruz’s donor list and interpret laws in way that allows them to incarcerate the largest donors?

In a funny note, in his descent Justice Scalia called the law SCOTUScare.  Lex has been calling it Robertscare since Justice Roberts managed get his head past his large intestine calling a fine a tax even though the government insisted it wasn’t a tax in the first opportunity to kill off the monstrosity.  Roberts has it owned ever since.

Confederate merchandise
I saw Dukes of Hazard TV star Ben “cooter” Jones on Fox last night.  He made a pretty compelling case why the Confederate flag and other Confederate merchandise isn’t racist or anti-American.  Chief among those reasons were that slavery existed under the American flag in the USA until after the Civil War.  That gets you past the racist argument pretty well, but I still cannot reconcile celebrating the flag of an enemy of the United States.  Jones note that 70 million Americans are descendants of Confederate soldiers who fought bravely and valiantly to defend what they thought was their country. OK.  Fine.  I'm thinking on that.

I have always said I don’t care what flag some guy flies in his front yard.  I don’t think states or the federal government should be flying a Confederate flag.  Ben Jones offered a bit insight into the southern mind set about such things and has caused me to rethink my “eff the Confederacy” stand.  I'll say this, I think the Confederate flag represents a more tolerant group of people than the fascist represented by the homosexual flag.
The bottom line that needs to be made by Republican candidates is that the Confederacy and the Confederate flag are symbols of the not so old Demo-Dope party.  When asked about it the answer is, “Why are you asking a Republican about a Confederate flag?  Dopes put those flags up in the first place.  Republicans, like during the Civil War, are now taking them down again.  Your ire should be directed at the people who put them up in the first place in 1861 and again during the 1960s.  Demo-Dopes are responsible for that.”

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin...
Well the battle cry of the real conservatives is "The bastards are in trouble now. They have us surrounded.". Reference the "Battle of Bastogne". SCROTUMCare, illegal acts by TES, Greece-Lite US Economy, Wash DC imposed socialism, and so on. The Stars and Bars is a blood soaked cloth that represents resistance to oppressors. It is loved and hated. Mother's side fought for the North, father's side for the South. Neither side owned slaves. It is now politically incorrect to discuss it in any other way than racist. The Stars and Stripes are flown everywhere now accept at some US schools on Cinco DeMaio and when TES decided to close parks and monuments. I would not be surprised now if TES were to remove the 50 stars and just use one. I do believe the independents are a skittish group that cannot abide either progressives or conservatives getting their way on everything. They will join the conservatives in 2016. The country has had enough lunacy and people like TES. And it will last a long time.