Friday, June 03, 2011

Weiner worlders destroying America

The economy is in a shambles. We are in three wars. God is banned from graduation. Lady Gaga is a pop fad. These are clear indications American and its culture are in decline.

So what should we talk about today? Tony Weiner, America’s #1 underpants photographer. Tony is rapidly establishing a reputation for himself as the Ansel Adams of not so private pictures of his privates.

Normal people have to ask themselves, WTF (win the future). I’d be the first to admit that I do not have a clue as what it is women are looking for in men. But if it’s boobs like this scrawny, obnoxious, arrogant POS, well lets just say Lex is glad he’s not in the desirable male catagory.

Can you imagine walking into your favorite hang out and suddenly, out of no where all of the gals are hanging on guys like Tony the shlong Weiner? To make matter worse, the Weiners are all standing around in boxer briefs snapping pics of themselves and their junk with their cell phones and e-mailing it around.

It just makes me want to add another 5’ of fence on top the 12’ fence already around the compound. You know that civilization and the human species cannot survive when the Weiners of the world take over.

But let’s face it, that’s exactly what is happening. This piece of human waste could serve 137 terms in the district that sends him to congress. The really sad and scary part is that the jokers in that district think Weiner is their kind of man. He snaps pictures of penis, yet the voters in his district look down their noses on farmers, welders and anyone else who knows something useful and calls them “backward.”

They send the Weiner worlders to congress. Then those POS tell the rest of us what we need to do with our money, what kind of car to drive, what kind of food to eat, where we should live etc. The Weiner worlders and the no talent SOBs who send them to congress want to control every aspect of our lives when it is clear that they cannot live their own lives.

What kind of dope snaps that pic and sends it off to some young gal he’s apparently never met via electronic message? What is the thought process? Like this:

Yes, yes, I’m sure she’ll get this impressive picture of my mini me in boxer brief. She’ll be really excited. No, she’ll never think that I’m a pathetic pervert. She’ll look at my Johnson obsessively for a couple of days. Maybe she’ll even be so impressed that she’ll save it to her, ahem, hard drive, and then she’ll delete the message. No way would she ever show it to a friend or try to blackmail me. I’m Tony the shlong Weiner. I’m so terribly smart. I’m much smarter than all those ordinary Americans who actually have to work to put food on the table. What could go wrong with this? (Hit send. Oooops, wrong address.)

The kind of guy who does this sort of thing is, sad to say, the kind of guy who all too often is telling the rest of us what to do. He’s the kind of guy who thinks it is perfectly OK to snatch 75% of your take home pay. The kind of guy who thinks you’re a rube if you have a Bible, worse if you read it, worse yet if you believe what you read. Dope doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface with this useless over paid under worked loud mouthed arrogant creep. 

And maybe that's why we, as a nation are, on the brink.

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