Thursday, June 02, 2011

Making sense of it all

Here are just a few more things that make no sense

Conservatives often throw around the term “limousine liberals” to describe lib hypocrites who preach austerity to the masses while they consume like Emelda Marcos on shopping excursion at “Shoes R’ Us.”

World famous (g)assbag AlGore is the perfect example of the Limo Lib. This insufferable pant load warns of the destruction of the Earth if we humans don’t curb our carbon use. Yet, with the entire Earth hanging in the balance, this huge pile of steaming excrement jets to and fro, lives in several mansions and keeps a fleet gas guzzling SUVs.

There should be a cartoon and an action figure modeled after this creep. The figure would come with a bloated Al doll that repeats endlessly, “The Earth has a fever.” It comes with a Prius, Hummer and Lear Jet. When Limo Lib gets a call for help from the Sierra Club, Limo Lib tries to jump into his Prius. Only problem is that his ample @$$ won’t fit. Then on his way to the call, the batteries in the Priius run out and Limo Lib is saved by his Hummer or jet.

So we know the Limo Libs are out there, but other than just pointing to the hypocrisy there wasn’t much proof. Now there’s a load of proof. The number of federally owned limousines jumped 73% in 2010. The P-BO claims most of the increase is an enhanced effort to protect government officials. Protect them from what? It couldn’t be people practicing the religion of peace now could it? I’m sure once the Israelis return the pre 67 borders, everything will be fine with those people.

Chasing Sarah

Even though they were never invited, the MSM insists on tagging along on Sarah Palin’s One Nation bus tour. But they are whining that they can’t get on bus or even a schedule of where the bus is headed. It’s like stalker demanding an itinerary from his victim.

“Yeah, I’ve been stalking Mzz Duke since she was 16 years old. I follow her everywhere and call at all hours of the day and night. I don’t know why she thinks I’m such a creepy guy. She should just let me ride with her, or at least give me a call and tell me where she’s headed before she leaves the house. This is starting to get dangerous for me. I had to run three red lights and make a left hand turn across four lanes of traffic just to keep up last night.”

That might seem far fetched but that is exactly what the dope MSM is whining about. Actually saying, that it’s Sarah Palin putting people’s lives in danger by not telling them where she is going. Hey!  STAY HOME if you think you're in danger!

Then in something that only a true idiot could make up, after chasing her across country, whining endlessly about how Palin is treating them, filing story after story about will she run or won’t she, bashing her every 5 minutes on air for everything from having an American flag on her bus to what she ate for lunch, these idiots accuse Palin of “just trying to get attention.”

Weiner roast

What gets me about this lying sack is the arrogance. You’d think after having been caught with his pants down, the little $h!t would be a bit contrite. You’d be wrong. I’d like to see the poster boy for penis envy just shut up and go away for, oh I don’t know, 60 years or so.

Somebody with a lot of money ought to stand up and say, “Hey, I know for a fact that that is Weiner’s wiener. He’s lying. I know it. And if thinks I’m lying, he ought to sue me. And if he ever says I’m lying, I’ll sue him. And we’ll get to the bottom of this.”

The Donald is just the man to get to the bottom of this. According to Ann Coulter the whole thing will end up small claims court.

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