Thursday, June 16, 2011

The f-off in chief

Since the P-BO has slipped into 24-7 campaign mode 16 months ahead of the election, Lex has decided to unshun his Jr. High name calling of the half wit know nothing currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

So MacGoofus is down in Durham, NC (one of the 57 states) talking with his “Jobs (is a three letter word) and Competitiveness Council” (made up largely of typical white people) and for maybe the first time swerves into the truth, “shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as expected.” Ha, ha! That’s a good one Mr. MacGoofus. 9.1% unemployment, billions wasted and you manage to get off a good joke. Take my wife…please. Ha, ha!

First off, what would this pampered priss know about a shovel, ready or not? He wouldn’t know which end of a shovel to grab a hold of let alone what to do with it once he had it.

Lex has noted several times on this page driving past those annoying signs proudly proclaiming “your stimulus money hard at work” only to find that there was absolutely nobody working on the sites. The only thing that had been stimulated with these projects apparently was the sign maker who made the federally mandated signs. The stimulus money should have been earmarked for print-ready projects and everything would be fine.

Then the fund raiser in chief darts off to Puerto Rico where he hoped to raise some cash while building some good will among the Latino community (presumably those NOT burning American flags, but who knows?) and maybe “shoot some hoops.” “Shoot some hoops” about sums up this buffoon’s total resume. Shoot hoops, golf, vacation, fund raise basically f%@king off, that’s what he’s good at.

When it comes to the real heavy lifting, the F-off in chief is fond of appointing commissions, councils, czars anyone or thing that will leave himself with clean hands and free up some time for him to do more f-ing-off.

This fool even put Slow Joe the plagiarizer Biden in charge of over seeing the stimulus money. Gee that worked out well. Maybe we should call him Slow Joe shovel-ready Biden.

Then, having learned nothing from that experience, the f-off in chief puts Slow Joe shovel-ready Biden in charge of budget negotiations. Brilliant! Joe can’t look over the stimulus money, so let’s put him in charge of overseeing the entire budget. That’ll put the blame on good ol’ Slow Joe and give me more time to f-off.

And while the f-off in chief was f-ing-off in Puerto Rico, the Pakistanis were arresting five people for helping the CIA get bin Laden. Now say what you want about that idiot Bush, but the Pakis would not even have dared to try such a thing on his watch. You could hear the phone call, “Yeah, this here’s George Bush. What’s your name again? OK, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. You are now known as Ass If. As in, I’ll have your Ass If you don’t turn those five fellows who helped us get bin Laden loose in the next hour. Got it? You have a nice day now and all my best to Mrs.”

But there is no fear and little respect for the our current bow and kiss ass president. His phone call would go something like this, “Hello, Mr. Zardari. I’d like for you to let those five guys who helped me get a bump in the polls go. If you don’t, I’ll stop kissing your butt. Then I’ll come over there and challenge you to game of hoops or golf. And if that doesn’t settle it, I’ll get Biden or some commission on it.”


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