Monday, July 06, 2015

What the eff happened to us?

 What happen to us?  Here's as good an explanation as I've read and what to do about it.

Greece votes no and Trump surges because we're fed up with the ruling class
Europe is in a bit of an uncertain swirl this morning after the Greeks told their ruling class masters to Eff-off.  I don’t even pretend to understand how the whole Euro thing works.  Here’s what I know:  1)  It’s convenient to travel Europe without having to exchange money every other day.  2)  England and Switzerland who have so far refused to use the Euro are doing pretty well.

Here’s what I don’t know:  1)  How can a real country allow a board of technocrats in Brussels to determine what its money is worth?  2)  How can a country’s politicians be held responsible for that country’s economy  - what elections in large part are about – when unelected officials running the Eurozone are setting policies that at times could be at cross purpose with a nation’s politicians.

Well I guess there is one more thing we know for certain this morning: the Greek’s have given the oh so smart technocrats running the Eurozone the Big Fat Greek Middle Finger.  Now I suppose the technocrats running the Eurozone are arguing that they need control over Europe’s armies – for what their worth – to keep the little people like Greece in line.

The Eurozone is Europe’s Robertscare.  A large unwanted, unwieldy bureaucracy forced on Europeans by a political ruling class not the least bit interested in the wishes of the people.  In America it is arguably worse.  With the help of Republi-Rats we got a secret trade deal that the Chamber Commerce insisted on that cede power to the most lawless POS to have ever occupied the Rainbow House.  We’re on the verge of ceding treaty authority without the consent of congress to the same worthless POS so he can make a bad deal with Iran.  The ruling class azzbags in Caligula, D.C. sit with the thumbs on one hand welded up their butts and they loot as much cash from the treasury as they can with the other hand while they watch doing nothing as the country slides into the binjo ditch.

Donald Trump is not backing off his assessment of the character of the people entering the country ILLEGALLY along our southern border.  His candidacy continues to gather steam.  The Rat are worried.  Now, after laying low to see which way the wind blows, many are coming out to attack the Donald for telling the truth about the human waste coming across out southern border. 

They are attacking Trump because they are worried.  And they should be.  Greece is an indicator of what happens when the people get POed enough to ignore all of the politicians at once.  The Shrilldabeast is in trouble with the little socialist Bernie Sanders.  She can probably hold him off, but her obvious weakness might inspire Oh So Slow Joe Biden and fake Indian Lizzy Warren to get into the race save the Dope party.

Here’s the thing, after last week, a whole lot of people are thinking eff ‘em all.  The Empty Suit, Boehner, McConnell, the roach, Peloser, 6 of the nine dopes in robes, the Shrilldabeast, 12 of the 16 Rat presidential hopefuls, just eff the entire Caligula D.C. crowd.  They no more represent the wants and desires of the people of this country than ISIS or Vladimir Putin. 

That Mr. & Mrs. America is why Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders are doing so well.  I think we need to throw every damned one of the GD bastards out then impeach the Supreme Court, dissolve the 9th Circus Court and right this sinking ship.  Sadly the Dopes like their ruling class a-holes because they use the treasury to shower gifts upon them.  So throw half the bums out.

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