Thursday, July 16, 2015

Your tax dollars hard at work

Several posts under, Lex reported that Pope Homer – Simpson that is not the other Homer – called capitalism the dung of the devil.  Now we learn that Planned Un-Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts.  I guess the pope would have call that pure unadulterated evil and grotesque practice the nose candy or snot of the devil.  Well?  What’s left?  The devil’s most vile discharge is already reserved for capitalism. 

I wonder if the pope and the USCCB can find a minute to pull their collective heads out of their butts, firmly planted there looking for proof of global warming, to rally the faithful anew against this horror movie unfolding before us in real life.  I do not think St. Peter will buy the bishops’s excuse of silence on this because, “We were busy thwarting global warming.”  Before Pope Homer decided to use his voice to combat capitalism, global warm-mongering and buying too much stuff, you might have heard him speak out against government sponsored religious persecution of the kind being leveled against the Little Sisters of the Poor or this new twist in the battle against abortion.

Sadly, the pope’s voice, time and presence is limited.   You cannot be outraged by everything.   Uh, unless you’re running a blog then you actually have to be outraged by everything or what’s the point.  So the pope calls capitalism the dung of the devil then when real evil surfaces – like selling aborted baby parts - there’s nothing left.  So what happens is the pope's voice is diminished by referring to something that he admits he knows little about as the dung of the devil.  Then when something arises that is well within his wheelhouse he’s got nothing.  It’s hard to take him seriously at that point.  I’ve obviously hit that point.  I wouldn’t refer to him as Pope Homer if I thought he was going to have anything useful to say outside the Catholic catechism.

The most aggravating thing about this PP story is that it’s your tax dollars going to fund this kind of Dr. Mengele “research.”  Tax dollars are provide to PP supposedly to support cancer screening and other women’s health concerns.  Now mind you, we always knew that PP makes millions off of providing abortions.  Now we know that they are profiting from selling aborted baby parts.  Why taxpayer dollars are necessary for the other activities is beyond me, especially since we now have “free healthcare.”

Another aggravation is the matter-of-fact way PP and their MSM lemming lapdogs dismiss the obvious horror of the story.  They tell us PP doesn’t profit the sales because the sales are directed through a third a party.  In other words PP is laundering the body parts money through an on-site “biotech firm” before depositing the check.  If Louie and Tony Sapanizzi tried that with third party liquor sales, it’d be called racketeering.

These government hacks, MSM lemmings and PP azzholes express no horror or regret at the practice of snuffing out one life to provide research material to supposedly save other lives.  That is exactly was what the Nazi did.  They tried to justify much of the horror they inflicted on their Jewish victims by invoking the name of science.   These PP dumbazzes are still referring to the baby as an unviable tissue mass but are selling intact hearts, lungs, livers and entire heads for research.  Those two don’t square.

It seems to me if we had an opposition party federal funding for PP would be suspended immediately.  No.  I don’t give a $h!t if the sail eared excrement stick in the Oval Office vetoes it.  Make him and the Dopes vote on it every month until the Nov. 16 elections.   Sadly, there is no opposition to The Empty Suit.

Hey Mr. & Mrs. America the German people tried to claim that they didn’t know what the Nazis were up to.  70 years later they are still trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered national identity.  What is going on at PP is a disgusting practice that should give all Americans pause.  For some, maybe most, it does not even register.  Dear God is it possible for us sink any lower?

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