Friday, July 17, 2015

The real dung of the devil strikes again

Well, well, well another practitioner of the religion of peace strikes again.  Muhammed Mumbo Jumbo gunned down 4 Marines at a reserve center in TN.  Now there is a long line of MSM azzbags, Hollywood types and Dope politicians acting all shocked and surprised that such an event could happen right here in the good ol’ US of A. First, I’m shocked and surprised that anyone is shocked and surprised.  Snakes do what snakes do.  Rats do what rats do.  I am never surprised when someone is mauled by their “pet” tiger.  A tiger is going to do what a tiger does.

How can anyone be shocked and surprised anymore by what these people do?  We’ve seen the videos of them pitching homosexuals off of tall buildings, slicing off people’s heads, drowning dozens in cages, setting others on fire, mass kidnappings and rape of children and on and on.  By contrast to the regular course of Islamo-Terror-Fascist behavior, what happened to our Marines looks down right civilized.  All of this and more in the name of Islam, yet Pope Homer calls capitalism the “dung of the devil.”  Sorry Homer, you could not be more wrong.

Next, it’s time to admit that this isn’t the “good ol’ US of A” anymore.  60 years of a lefty Lib agenda has us killing babies to harvest their body parts, graduating seniors from high school who cannot read, write, find America on a map, add, subtract, multiply or divide, ignoring the courage of a woman with brain cancer to compete on the collegiate basketball court in order honor the “courage” of man who likes to wear women’s clothes, forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to fund abortions and provide birth control, forcing others to participate in Bruce and Harlan’s wedding, condemning anyone standing for religious tolerance as bigots, shelling out defense dollars to preform sex change operations while cutting the fighting force by another 40,000, purging our history to accommodate tender snowflakes who cannot have their kitten soft sensibilities shaken by the mere mention of one of the nation’s founders or Civil War heroes, acting like fascists who have no good arguments for the problems of the day so they shout “shut up” by calling anyone who disagrees with the leftist agenda a bigot, homophobe, racist, denier etc. etc.

Next, and I’ve mentioned this I do not know how many times, but here it is again: We’ve at war with radical Islam since 1803 and the Barbary Pirates.  Well they have been at war with us.  We vacillate between tolerating their acts of war, treating those act of war as if they were street crimes and occasionally getting POd enough to bomb the crap out of them.  We have never had a long-term national strategy to deal with these murderous dopes.  That strategy would look like 1) energy independence 2) isolating Iran 3) killing the SOBs and anyone who collaborated with them 4) giving Israel a free hand to deal with the Palestinians and other bad actors in their neighborhood,  That would be a good start.

Instead we’re married to and subsidizing failed, expensive and next to useless renewable energy, paving the way for Iran to get a nuclear bomb, playing footsie with ISIS and treating Israel as if it were the enemy creating havoc in the world.  At home we’re importing potential Muslim terrorists, letting them congregate in sharia compliant neighborhoods and warning everyone not paint with too broad a brush when the inevitable terrorist shoots someone.  I suppose when they start to blow themselves up in pizza shops after the Friday night football game or on a school bus, it’ll be OK to utter a profanity or two at the a-holes, but probably not.

I actually heard one idiot say that if Mohammad Mumbo Jumbo was inspired by ISIS it would mark the first ISIS inspired attack on US soil.  YGBSM!  It doesn’t matter.  It’s as if there is a pack of 20 dogs terrorizing the neighborhood.  Well, that is the first time the German Shepard in the pack ever bit anyone.  The breed doesn’t matter anymore than the stupid name the ITF identify under.  It is radical Islam that is the problem not the name they give themselves.

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