Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Huckabee, Trump, Clinton Vs Cosby and profiling

Huckabee is no “denier”
Mike Huckabee is in deep doo-doo with the Lapdog MSM.  Good for him.  Over the weekend Huckabee said of the Iran deal, “[The Empty Suit]
will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”  Now all of the chattering class is in a tizzy.  Goodness how could he invoke the holocaust?  Scandalous to even mention the holocaust.  This is outrageous. 

I believe that Huckabee is using the holocaust analogy to avoid another holocaust due to TES’s horse $h!t deal with Iran.  I remind you Huckabee isn’t the first pol to use the holocaust.  AlGore invoked the holocaust in a much less relevant way to lambaste critics of his warm-mongering scam, calling them “deniers,” as in holocaust deniers.  Huckabee is actually addressing a group of people who regularly chant “death to Israel” and have expressed a desire to remove Israel from the face of the Earth.  One Iranian said that Israel is a “one bomb country.”  AlGore can’t call people who know what they are talking about with regard to warm-mongering “racists” to shut them up so he calls them “deniers.”

The phrase “never again” as it pertains to the holocaust means never again as long as it’s not a republican presidential candidate warning that it could happen again by calling out a Dope for his hare-brained nuclear deal with Iran.  When that’s the case, never again becomes here we go again – another pesky Republican dealing in the truth about our beloved Empty Suit.  The left circles the wagons.  “Look it’s not as if Huckabee were using the holocaust to denigrate people who expose AlGore’s stupidity on global warming.   He’s using to actually war of another holocaust.  That’s a totally inappropriate use of the holocaust which can only be used for lefty Libs to trash conservatives.  Got it.  Otherwise it’s shocking and totally inappropriate.”

To his credit Huckabee has told a long line of “concerned” lapdog media types he won’t apologize.  He won’t recant or rephrase.  I call that the Trump effect.    

VDH explains Trump’s popularity
Of course he’s right.

Bill Clinton same as Bill Cosby
Ask Kathleen Willey.  She’s started a website asking for other victim’s of the Shirlldabeast’s slack jawed old man to come forward.

Headline profiling
I saw this headline on Drudge:  Convenience store ransacked by juveniles in late night “mob and rob”  I immediately thought to myself, hmm, I’ll bet the Griffin’s next pay check that the video shows Eric the wad Holder’s people and The Empty Suit’s kids destroying property and thieving like a pack of animals.  I further speculated that the reporter or the story would not note the obvious – all of the perps are black.  I clicked on the link and low and behold.  Now don’t try to tell me profiling does not work.

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin...
TES is bent on repealing the 2nd amendment but will cut a deal allowing a hostile nation to build nukes, starting a regional arms race. And many of the citizens of those countries believe committing suicide to kill those of a different religion is highly desired. The leadership of that country says they intend to murder more people just as they have proven to do in the past. It is state sponsored. Would not TES be a contributor, enabler, to those murders? How can our president participate in any way in allowing it rather than fighting it at every opportunity? And he touts "making a deal"? It is absolutely nutty and very dangerous. It is crazy.