Thursday, December 08, 2016

The Empty Suit sad he'll have to start paying for his 50 weeks of vacation

85 million of your hard earned tax dollars spent on The Empty Suit’s vacations
When asked what he’ll miss most about being president The Empty Suit said, “Not having to pay for my 25 two week vacations every year.”  This crazy.  Mrs. Lex and look forward to riding in a car 10 hours to attend a wedding over an extended weekend, counting it as a mini-vacation the azzweasel occupying the White House blows 85 million on vacations in 8 years?  WTF?  And the totally out of touch Demo-Dopes wonder why they lost the election.  Something tells me when Trump goes on vacation, he’ll be picking up the cost of the room.  I don’t know when you figure in an Air Force One for every member of the family so that each can leave on tier own schedule, a Marine One helicopter to transport the family dog separately, getting Moochelle’s 15 or so “secretaries” on board, it all adds up.  On second thought, considering the narcissistic character of the people we’re talking about, Maybe 85 million was a pretty good deal.

The Clinton’s are slick grifters always looking to make a quick easy buck without having to lift a finger or burn a single calorie doing real work.  TES is just a lousy freeloader.  He’s like a dinner guest who puts the whole bowl of potatoes on his plate, takes 5 rolls leaving 3 people with no bread, sorts through the meat to make sure he gets the biggest piece, drinks the wine from the bottle etc.   He is a low brow sponge of other people’s money and effort. 

Who says profiling doesn’t work?
Not hard.  Profiled it.  Nailed it.

America 1st has lefty Libs soiling themselves
Among other things that Trump says that drives snowflake lefty Libs nuts, “putting America 1st again” is near the top of the list.  This is the exact same bunch that been saying “screw America 1st” for the last 8 years.

So let me see if we can sooth the lefty crybabies.  This is important, America 1st doesn’t mean “only America”.  I’m pretty sure America will continue to be a world player.  And here’s the thing, even if Trump did decide not engage in the world, the lefty Libs would be whining about the US not helping Castro, Kim Jung mentally Ill, Iran and other craphole countries feed their oppressed people.   So no matter what, the lefty Lib is going to be whining.  So let ‘em whine. 

Trump saves 1,000 jobs in IN and the left whines.  Trump announces a deal with a Japanese company that will bring up to 5 billion dollars and 50,000 jobs to the US and the left whines.  US Steel announces that it’s considering bringing back 10,000 jobs and the left whines.  The stock market goes through the roof and the left whines.  Trump appoints a great cabinet and the left whines.

Now senate Dope wish they could undo the hell that Harry the Roach Reid visited upon the senate with his hare-brained, or should I say Harry Reid-brained, so-called nuclear option.  The roach laid the groundwork for every single one of Trump’s cabinet nominations to sail through the senate confirmation process.  So here’s to you roach.  At every hearing and before every senate vote on a nomination, Mitch McConnell should formally “thank Harry the roach Reid for making this confirmation possible.”

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