Friday, December 16, 2016

Russians and celebs both trying to screw with the election

Demo-Dopes have a serious problem.  Nothing, not-one-thing, in the WikiLeaks dumps has been disputed or dismissed as being untrue.  Everything has come straight from the horse’s mouth (or in this particular case should I say the Donkey’s azz).  So faced with plethora of truly embarrassing information that cannot be refuted, what to do?  Simple, ignore the content and blame the Russians for the hack. 

Last night the WikiLeaks guy – Julian Assange – said that none of the leaks originated from Russian sources or for that matter any state actor.  So the Dope are in the peculiar position of calling the people who have been correct about everything to date liars about where they got their information.  So who are you going to believe Mr. & Mrs. America the lying Demo-Dopes trying to save their worthless azzes or WikiLeaks who have no interest in anything other than embarrassing government officials of all stripes.

But Lex, why didn’t WikiLeaks publish leaks on the Republican Party?  Well it might be as simple as the Republicans changed their passwords from “password” to something a little more difficult to hack like their birthdays.  Maybe it’s because the Republicans were hacked, but the fruit of the hack proved to be totally banal business stuff with none of the catty infighting found in the Dope Party.  Maybe there was no hack to begin with.  Maybe a disgruntled Dope staffer gave the information away after the Dope torpedoed Bernie.

Then there’s this. Suppose the government does know that Russians hacked the DNC.  Why in the world would a professionals publicize that fact and give Vladimir Putin a victory in the eyes of the Russian people?  Why wouldn’t these “professionals” feign ignorance about the perp while quietly going about screwing the Rooskies in some covert manner rather than announcing their pique about a supposed hack and thereby putting the Russians on guard against any possible retaliation?  The reaction to “hack” is all way to convenient for the Dopes? 

Celebs certain to turn the Electoral College, um just as they did in the general election
This is so funny.  I’ve watched it several times and honestly can’t understand why any thinking person wouldn’t violate the trust of 62 million voters to accede to the delusional wishes of this motley crew of has-beens.  Shrillda the Hutt got 99.99999% of the celeb endorsements and they managed to persuade nearly one person to vote for the Hutt.  So now they think they can concentrate their “star power” on the final 538 votes to be cast in this election to overturn the outcome and will of the people.  That makes total sense to me.  The risk of a revolution as result of persuading the Electoral College to ignore the mandate of the people after an 18 month campaign that cost nearly 2 billion dollars is totally worth it.  WTF are these people thinking? Uh they aren't. 

First, I can only recognize three or so of the so called “stars” in the feature.  How many times in a year can these people stand to be humiliated by DJT?  Trump’s win caused great elation in the wee hours of 9 Nov.  The failed recount more elation last week.    At about 4pm EST when the Electoral College finally votes, it’ll be like a the home team scoring the winning TD on the last play of the game and the home town fans go nuts, but wait, the previous play is under review.  Then after a lengthy review the official steps to the center of the field and announces, “After further review, the play is confirmed” and the fans get to celebrate again.

So please keep it up all the way to the inauguration Dopes.  It is just so satisfying to see you getting your smug turned up noses rubbed into steaming piles of dog $h!t every couple of days.

Then there’s this.  How many lefty Lib genuinely good causes could benefitted from the money dedicated to these useless recounts and hare-brained celeb videos?

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