Monday, December 12, 2016

John Glenn RIP and fake news

Okay, Lex didn’t comment on the passing of John Glenn in Fri’s post because he didn’t want to speak ill of a dead national hero.

The Empty Suit, much of the Demo-Dope Party and the MSM are aghast at the rumors of Russian interference in our election system.  If we had a true national leader, the Rooskies would be scared to death to pull such a stunt.  It’d be sort of like that scene in Big Jake where John Wayne looks Richard Boone in the eye and tells him, “Now if anything goes wrong, your fault, my fault, nobody’s fault, you’re going to die.”  

TES and his administration of pajama boys allow the Rooskies, Chinese, Syrians, Mexicans, Canadians, Lithuanians, ISIS and even the natives on the tiny Pacific Island of Yap to p*ss all over America with not the slightest fear of even the mildest of rebukes from the  TES administration.   So given the flaccid nature of the administration, why wouldn’t Russia and every country in the world that does not have our best interests at heart NOT screw with us on our elections and/or anything else they deem in their own national interests?

Lex, that is, as always, a brilliant point, but what does it have to do with John Glenn. Here’s what it has to do with John Glenn.  Some may recall back in 1996 when Slick Willie and his fatazz lying wife were shaking down the Chinese for campaign contribution to beat Bob Dole – which wouldn’t have taken more than $5.  Charlie Trie and Johnny Chung were a couple of the key player in this Clinton Crime Family scam.  Trie fled the country when asked to testify before a congressional committee about Chinese influence on the American election.  Chung got 5 years community service sentence and death threats from his homeland for his part. 

When Fred Thompson convened a Senate Committee to look into the Clinton’s Chinese mob ties, it was American “hero” John Glenn that stymied the committee at every turn eventually running out the clock on the investigation. 

One of Lex’s first conspiracy theories was that the quid pro quo for Glenn scuttling the Senate’s investigation into the Clinton’s shady dealings with the Chinese was a ride back into space on the Space Shuttle.

And if you need more proof of what a bunch of low life treasonous bastards the Clinton Crime Family really is, the quid for the Chinese mob money was Billbo Billyboy relaxing trade sanctions on them, which allowed Loral Corp. to sell computers to the Chinese that allowed the ChiComs to advance their missile program.  That’s how the Clinton’s work, Mr. & Mrs. America.  As long as they are making money and gaining power f*ck the country. 

We will never know the calamity we escaped when Shrillda the Hutt and her 1.2 BILLION dollar campaign got flushed by the American people.

So what we can learn from all of this is that, after orbiting the Earth in space capsule, John Glenn turned into a partisan Demo-Dope hack. 

We also learned that the same people willing to ignore Chinese influence on an American election now have their shorts in a very tight wad over Russian hacking of the DNC.  And why?  Well the hack of the DNC and John Podesta proved what a bunch low-life, lying, cheating, thieving, manipulating miscreants Dopes at the highest levels really are.   

These reprobates are all concerned about a “Russian” hack but have not one care in the world about what the hack revealed about them.  For these buttheads, it’s as if because the truth was exposed by a nefarious method, the truth must be ignored.  It would be like the warden in the Shawshank Redemption saying he must be considered innocent because all of the evidence against him came out during a prison break.  Sorry Dopes.  The truth is like toothpaste.  Once it’s out there, by whatever means, it’s impossible to get back into the tube.   

Fake News
Lex can cite the date and time that “fake news” was born:  6:27pm, February 27, 1968.  That is the time and date legendary Fake Newsman Wally Cronkite declared the Vietnam War an unwinnable stalemate.  Totally fake.  Totally wrong.  Wally used the azzwhippin’ the Viet Cong took during the 1968 Tet Offensive as proof.  Odd that a complete military failure of the enemy could be used as proof by a Fake Newsman that the war was unwinnable. 

The Vet Cong were virtually wiped out during Tet.  After Tet, the VC were never able to reconstitute as serious threat to South Vietnam’s political stability.  The long and short of it was that, after Tet, the idea that the South Vietnamese people wanted to join the North was totally destroyed.  After Tet, nearly all of the combat fell exclusively on the North Vietnamese Army.   So with the VC gone the optics change from the South wanting to join the North to the North forcing themselves on the South.  The truth mattered not to Wally.  He relied on a crushing defeat delivered by the US and its allies to prove the war was at an unwinnable stalemate.

In 1968 Wally’s sway as the CBS Fake News Anchor was such that even Nixon conceded that if he’d lost Wally, he’d probably lost the American people as well.  As result, since that date serious enemies of the United States have correctly identified America’s center of gravity in any conflict as: The will of the American people to sustain successful combat operations.  So Fake News covers a war not by covering battlefield successes but rather by putting 10,000 Abu Ghrab stories on the front page and ignoring military success.  Another 10,000 stories are devoted not to the bomb that killed the ISIS Ops Officer but rather to the child who was killed with him. 

And if Wally’s ill-informed announcement of the “unwinnable war” is the birth of Fake News, its conception occurred at 12:30, November 22, 1963 when communist sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John Kennedy.  The Fake News Networks went into overdrive turning every fact about Oswald on its head in order to portray him as a right wing Conservative.

The Dopes and their MSM lapdogs slit their own throat by pushing fake news when they had a more or less monopoly on the news cycle.  Now because their fake news is being exposed by alternative media, the Dope and MSM are shouting foul.  If the Demo-Dopes were truly concerned about “fake news” they wouldn’t send America’s biggest liar and serial purveyor of fake news – Shrillda the Hutt – out to rail against it.

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