Thursday, December 01, 2016

Trump's exceptionally good week

Earlier President-Elect Trump tweeted that flag burners ought to spend a year in jail and/or have their citizenship revoked.  Predictably, that afternoon flag burners showed up outside Trump Tower to exercise their right to be obnoxious rude losers.  On the 26th floor, Trump smiled, leaned back in his executive chair, tapped his fingertips together and said, “Ehhhxcelent, everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.”    

The flag burners are associated with the Demo-Dope party and are despised by a large percentage of the American people.  Trump baited them into publicly opposing him on an issue seemingly universally accepted – flag burners are azzholes.  It is hard to believe that the Dopes and their flag burning minions are that gullible.  Trump is like Br’er Rabbit begging his captor, “Do whatever you like with me Mr. Wolf, but whatever you do, please don’t throw me into the brier patch”, which is exactly where he wanted to be to escape his captor.   Trump could balance the budget in a year if he’d just tweet, “Anyone overpaying their taxes should be locked up and fined $1,000.”  The #NeverTrumpers would overpay by the millions thinking they are defying and screwing Trump.

No doubt, Trump tweeted the Demo-Dope House caucus yesterday warning them that whatever they do, don’t elect San Fran’s Grand Nan Peloser as their Minority Leader.  So to get under Trump’s skin the Dopes re-elect an out of touch dumber than dirt 70 something four time loser to lead their ever shrinking coastal party.  It’s like Bill Belichick begging Pete Carroll not to pass for the score from a yard out in the Super Bowl two years ago even though the Seahawks had possibly the best running back in the league at the time. 

Well played Mr. President-Elect.

Speaking of well-played.  How about that Carrier deal!?  Because Trump and Pence offered Carrier tax incentives to stay, the weasels in the Dope MSM are whining about “crony capitalism.”  When Jack Kemp offered businesses tax incentives, they were called “enterprise zones.”  When TX Gov. Rick Perry and nearly every other state’s Gov. offered CA companies better tax deals, many of those companies picked up and moved in.  What was that?  I recall that even NY State was offering tax incentives to get companies to move. 

And someone please, please, please explain why this is outrageous but floating a taxpayer funded bond to pay for a stadium where billionaires sit in sky boxes and networks pay hundreds of millions of dollars to televise multi-millionaires taking a knee during the National Anthem before participating in what has become a slow, boring and predictable sport.

The real issue here is that the Dopes are used to picking the winners and losers in this game.  The Dope winners are reliably the people who contribute to Dope candidates and the Dope Party.  They can’t believe Trump is wasting time on a 1,000 working class rubes in fly over country who probably can’t afford to pony up even a sawbuck to Trump or the Republican Party.

So in one week Trump has conned the Dopes into demonstrating their disdain for the country or showing their true colors by burning flags, re-electing a total dip $h!t as their Mino Leader in the House and criticizing him for saving a 1,000 jobs in IN.  He hasn’t even been sworn in yet.  What could this mean for the next four years when he’s President of the United States?   

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