Friday, December 09, 2016

The cabinet, Milo, The Empty Suit encourages Courts Martial offense, being fat is okay

A cabinet full of lawyers is fine, 2-3 former military men in a cabinet is a junta
The MSM is so full of crap it makes me sick.  Trump has put 3 former generals into key positions in his administration.  Now the MSM is wringing its hands about “civilian control” of the military or the US government writ large. 

First off, they are civilians.  None is currently in uniform.  Which makes them…what?

Next, what the hand wringers are really worried about with his cabinet appointments so far is that DJT’s team will be successful.  No one gives a crap when these pols fill key positions with incompetent donors, family members, friends or long-time political hacks.  No one says a word when congress or an administration loaded up with 89% lawyers, but let DJT put some competent and accomplished military guys in charge and the wailing, gnashing of teeth, pearl clutching and fainting dead away by those in search of a safe space on the left begins. 

It’s total BS.  The more DJT’s picks pee these people off the more I’m inclined to think the picks are spot on.   

Milo hammers Gaystapo

The fearless Milo visited Memories Pizza in Walkerton, IN yesterday to apologize to the owners of that establishment on behalf of all decent gay people.  You might recall the Gaystapo rolled in Memories after they declined to cater a homosexual wedding.  The weird thing is that when first asked, the owner said they don’t cater weddings at all.  It was only after being pressed by a reporter that the daughter said that they’d probably decline to participate in a homosexual wedding, but insisted that homosexuals were welcome in the restaurant.  Here’s the interview with the owner, advance the video to about the 9 minute mark.  It is quite enlightening. 

Lex pointed out many of the Gaystapo’s over the top bludgeoning of decent people at the time.  The video captures many of the points made back at the time in a much better, more reasoned and measured way.  The owner truly is a “heart of America” type of guy who exhibits no sign of carrying any kind of grudge.  Milo is, as always, spot on. 

The Empty Suit gets it wrong again
TES showed up MacDill AFB to tell the military “that each of us has…the universal right to speak your minds and to protest against authority; to live in a society that’s open and free; that can criticize our president without retribution.”  
My advice to active duty military is: Do not take counsel on the finer points of military decorum from a total dip$h!t who calls a  “Corpsman” a “corpse man”.   No TES.  Military members DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to protest authority.  As far as they can go to my knowledge is to refuse to execute an illegal order.  If any military member is openly disrespectful to any civil authority, POTUS, SecDef, Congress etc. they will find themselves on the wrong side of a Courts Martial under Art. 88 contempt toward officials.  

And as always in these things, the truth is no defense.  So, after TES’s speech, a military guy could step up to mic and say, “The lying sail eared know-nothing who just indicated that military members have the right to protest authority and criticize the president without retribution is full of $h!t.”  Now every word of that is provably true, but the member would find himself in serious trouble for saying it.

So, after nearly 8 years, it’s no surprise to anyone, that TES does not have the slightest idea of what the hell he’s talking about.

Santa ‘aint spossed to be fat shaming no kid
First off, the kid is fat.  Next, it doesn’t make the kid a bad person.  It makes him a fat person.  If that makes him feel bad, there’s a simple solution - lose the weight.  That said, why the heck is this Santa going after a 9 year old?  Take it up with his mom.  Leave the kid the hell alone.

I’ve battled weight since I turned 40.  It’d take me six months to lose 5 lousy pounds.  Then, if I so much as thought about my beloved Oreos, I’d gain it all back.  I get it.  I was fat.  So what?  I knew it.  People who looked at me knew it.  So what?  I was still the same undereducated obnoxious wise guy weather 50 pounds over-weight or not.

So, why can’t someone point out something so obvious with what amounts to a health warning by saying, “Whoa there fatso (or maybe a kinder gentler “big guy”), maybe you should give the desert bar at the all-you-can-eat buffet a break.”  Well, if it’s stranger, it’s probably fighting words, if I could have just gotten up the energy.  These things are best left to family and good friends, who become fewer and fewer when they try to help in these things. 

Strangers have no place taking the issue up with a kid.  Well of course unless it’s a lefty Lib adult like Moochell telling all of America their kids are too fat.  Then that’s totally acceptable to the left.  Santa issuing a fat warning to TrigglyPuff is triggering and definitely not cool.  In fact, if the fat kid is a fat Lib, it’s probably a prosecutable offense.  

What struck me about this story was WTF is this kid who looks like he could be running a road grader somewhere doing climbing up some old guy in a Santa’s costume’s lap in the first place?  I do not remember when I gave up the ghost on the Santa Clause myth, but I’m thinking it was well before 9 years old or 3rd or 4th grade.  By that time I’m sure some smart kid was spilling the beans on the whole Santa hoax* to everyone who’d listen.

 Maybe it was a set up for mom to get an easy payday.

*Today I’m a firm believer in the “spirt of Santa Clause” filled by everyone out there doing good deeds.  Do one a day.  AF Bro do two, because I don’t get out that much anymore because my Rascal won’t carry me anymore.  So someone has to pick up the extra weight.  Get it?  Pick up the extra weight?  See how I worked a weight pun into a post on a fat kid?  I know.  Genius. 

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