Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Dope whining about the election is almost as satisfying as Trump's win

Since the election, the local fish wrap has published a steady stream of letters to the editor complaining about Donald Trump’s assent to the Oval office.  They include all of the usual Demo-Dope talking points, Trump’s a racist, anyone who voted for Trump is a racist, Shrillda the Hutt won the popular vote, Trump’s a fascist, anyone who voted for Trump is a fascist, Donald trump is unqualified while Shrillda the Hutt was the most qualified person in the universe to ever have run for the office and on and on.

Lex tired of it.  Here’s the response:

In addition to already making America great again, one of the best things about Donald Trump’s improbable election victory is the reaction to it from Democrats unable to cope with the prospect of a President Donald J. Trump.
Having slept through their civics classes or having had those classes replaced with gender identity classes in the public schools, ignorant Clinton supporters are now bleating about Clinton winning the popular vote as if this Electoral College thingy was just sprung on them on Nov 8th.  When you refer them to the Federalist Papers to explain it, they think you’re talking about an alternative to Zig Zag.

But polite well-meaning ignorance from some Democrats about how our Republic operates isn’t the big problem.   The real problem is the rather large swath of today’s Democrat Party who are reactionaries and insist on calling anyone who challenges their lame-brained opinions a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, or the catchall for those terms made famous by HRC herself - “deplorables”.  Unable to argue ideas, this bunch relies on character assassination of political opponents like a fish relies on water.

The first bastion of Democrat scoundrels is to ignore the plethora of serious arguments as to why Clinton lost in order to attack the character of well over half of American voters who rejected their seriously flawed candidate.

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