Monday, December 05, 2016

Supremacy, Madonna, Irony, Donations and a laugh

The case for white supremacy
I’ve been trying to think this through.  That’s tough work for me.  Can the truth in the charge of being a “white supremacist” make the charge a compliment?  Even engaging in such a mental exercise in today’s hypersensitive, PC, TrigglyPuff world is probably enough to get you investigated by the Department of (so-called) Justice Civil Rights Division.

That said, doesn’t the history of the white race since, say, the Renaissance bear out that the white race has been supreme in a real way, not in the way the right “Reverend?” Al-not-so-Sharpton makes fantastical claims about African supremacy: We taught philosophy and astrology [sic] and mathematics before Socrates and those Greek homos ever got around to it.  Isn’t white supremacy sort of akin to the way Army football was the supreme football power during WWII?  It’s undeniable.  It’s not racist.  It’s the truth.  So if Rev? Al can manufacture BS to claim the African race was/is supreme, can a white guy strip out the hate associated with the term and use the undeniable truth to make a case for white supremacy?

In today’s world where everyone disagreeing with a lefty Lib is automatically labeled a racist, the answer is no.  Were anyone other than Milo even to try to do so on an American campus I suspect they’d be expelled after being assaulted by the tolerant left.  So no, if someone refers to you as a white supremist, I don’t recommend smiling and thanking them.  It’s probably not a compliment even though Lex can make a case that it could be interpreted as such. 

Who the hell cares what Madonna thinks about anything?
For anyone with a brain, I’m pretty sure celebrity endorsements are worthless.  Shrillda the Hutt garnered 98% of the glitterati’s endorsements and got her ample azz whipped.    Now Madonna is telling anyone who will listen that she’s ashamed of America.  Well honey that’s a two way street.  Madonna famously offered sex favors to men who voted for Shrillda the Hutt that they probably could have gotten for doing nothing more than just showing up anyway.  So it can’t be that big of a deal.  The FEC investigated the offer as a vote buying scheme but declined to prosecute after determining nothing of value was being offered.

Irony of all ironies
In a true testament to communism, in his final ride, Fidel’s jeep broke down on the way to sending his commie azz to hell.

I’m looking like one smart cookie now
Okay, I sent, foolishly some say, 200 of my hard earned Yankee dollars to a New York billionaire who didn’t need them.  In return I have the satisfaction of knowing, or at least thinking even if it’s delusional thinking, that my $200 made a difference and to my way of thinking it made THE difference.  

So WTF are the people who sent money to Jill Stein for her hare-brained recount effort thinking this morning.  After two days of counting, Shrillda the Hutt had closed the gap on Trump by two lousy votes.  That led to an Internet headline on Drudge or some other cite to shout:  CLINTON CLOSES GAP IN WI!  AT CURRENT RATE WILL OVERTAKE TRUMP IN 74 YEARS!! 

Dare I say it?  Compared to those people I’m looking like an F-ing genius. 

THE ABSOLUTE BESTparody for the season

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