Monday, September 19, 2016

When is a bombing not a bombing? When Donald Trump says a bomb was used in the bombing.

An indication of how brain damaged Shrillda the Hutt really is
When a bomb exploded in NY City, Donald Trump told a CO campaign crowd, “
Just before I got off the plane, a bomb went off in New York and nobody knows exactly what’s going on.”  When Shrillda the Hutt addressed the explosion on her Fund Raising Plane (AKA Campaign Plane),I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, and the attack in Minnesota.

After a bomb went off in NY City Shrillda the Hutt called the bomb “bombings” while she questioned Donald Trump’s temperament for saying the bombing was caused by a bomb.

She’s such a knee jerk liar and fool that she’s willing to lie and say just about anything knowing full well that her Campaign Staff (AKA the MSM) will clean it up.

Just because Moooohammme(a)d (Spell it any way you want to) Allah Akbar blows things up we shouldn’t assume it is linked to the religion of peace.
We’ve seen this BS time after time.  When Mohammad Adid $h!thead shouts Allah Akbar before stabbing or shooting people before blowing himself up we are asked to suspend common sense and not link Mohammad’s action to terror.  When Muhammed al Dumbazz shoots up a gay night club, DoJ pulls the bed sheets up over its collective head and intones that “we may never know the motive.”  When Mohammed el Scumbag shoots up a company Christmas party we are warned not to jump to conclusions until the “investigation” is complete.  When Major Muhamed al de Douche shoots up an Army post, it’s labeled “workplace violence”.  Same when Mouhammmed el Scumbag hacks off a woman’s head at work for defending Christianity against the murderous cult know as islam.  The "leaders" tell us, "Nothing to see here folk just a crazy lone wolf is just inflicting more workplace violence on us." 

I’m happy to stipulate that all of the fictionalized actual events above were perpetrated by crazy muslims if dopy lefty libs will stipulate that, at a minimum, the face of the religion of peace is that of a murderous cult.    

With all of that as a background, was it any surprise that NY City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that Saturday’s explosion in the city was intentional but there was no connection to a terror organization.   Oh good.  Whoever is trying to blow us up hasn’t yet put on his I love ISIS/al-Qaida/al Shabab/Hezbollah or whatever t-shirt and proudly paraded it up and down Manhattan while placing his bombs.
 Um, Bill, I think by definition it was the use of violence to intimidate to advance a political point of view.  Okay we do not yet know the exact political point of view the bombers were attempting to be advanced.  But that’s a rather nitpicky bit info at this point, isn’t it.  When the German army smashed through the Ardennes, I doubt anyone in the intel community was saying, “Well look, there’s been a breakthrough in Ardennes, but we don’t know for sure what German divisions are responsible for the breakthrough and we certainly do not want to create any sort of backlash against the German people for the actions of a large group of crazy lone wolves.” 

It’s insane.  Just insane.  We know the face of the religion of peace has declared war on us.  When they commit acts of war, we are shocked and deny that people who declared war on us are blowing us up. 

It has gotten soooo stupid that Demo-Dopes are now declaring that getting blown up n our own country is sign that we are winning.  Given that logic, when Hitler crawled out of his bunker at the end of the war and observed the rubble that was once Germany, he must have been pretty happy with the German armies’ progress against the allies. 

Funny and true piece
I don’t know where this fits into anything, but I found this at Instapudit and thought it was funny and true so I thought I’d share.

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