Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Debate aftershocks

Ahh the Tuesday morning quarterbacks are out in full force telling us where the man in arena couldda shoudda done better.  He couldda said this.  He shouldda said that.  As a guy whose best rejoinders were always thought of the morning after the party or the day after the argument, I can sympathize with Trump and is the primary reason a strict cable news ban is back in force for at least two days.  The last thing I need to hear is the same crowd of “expert” commentators who had buried Trump’s campaign 15 minutes after he made his now famous elevator ride 15 months ago telling me how the strong man might have done better.

There are a few reasons why I think Trump won going away.  First and foremost because I cannot stand that snaggletooth blisterbag who was on stage with him.  Next, QUICK!  How many years has Shrillda the Hutt been in politics?  If you had tuned in for more than 5 minutes last night you know that the Hutt has been hanging around the halls of power for 30 years.  Third, when I woke up this morning the most memorable line of the night to me was when Trump admitted that Shrillda the Hutt had “experience”, but he went on to add, it’s all bad experience.  Last, when the fair minded Mrs. Lex identifies Lester Holt acting as a Hutt coat holder all night it must have been pretty clear to all that ol’ Lester had chosen sides and didn’t care who knew.

The suspect list of topics that did come up – an 8 year old argument about The empty Suit’s birth certificates, Trump’s 13 year old opposition to the war in Iraq and ol’ Lester demanding that Trump heap praise on his opponent for being a woman who won a rigged primary against an 80 year old socialist – was complete BS compared to the subjects ol’ Lester dutifully avoided – the Hutt’s current and on-going e-mail scandal, the Hutt’s Benghazi scandal, the Hutt’s influence peddling for Clinton Crime Family Foundation while acting as SecState, the Hutt’s cooperation in Russia’s purchase of 20% of US uranium assets, the Hutt’s open borders immigration policy, the Hutt’s support of sanctuary cities etc.

The post under has a tongue in cheek list of ol’ Lester’s questions.  Turns out it wasn’t off by much.  I think Americans don’t like fixed fights.  They don’t like when the referee takes sides.  They don’t like when a POS who starts a fight is getting his azz whipped good and then one of the POS’s friends jumps in to make it two on one.  By his clear partisanship for the Hutt, Ol’ Lester may have unwittingly pushed more people into Trump’s camp.  We’ll see how this plays out.

One thing is for sure, at future debates Trump and Pence need to be prepared to bring up - by force if necessary - the subjects that the Hutt and her staffers (aka MSM acting as debate moderators) insist on avoiding.  

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