Friday, September 02, 2016

What do any of us have to lose?

I’ve heard it said that Shrillda the Hutt’s lack of news conferences and light campaign schedule, which is limited almost exclusively to fund raisers among Hollywood swells and East Coast aristocrats, is a sign that she and her staff believe that all she has to do is “run out the clock” on this election.  As one talking head pointed out after Trump’s visit to Mexico followed by his immigration speech, the big problem with that strategy is that it’s hard to run out the clock when you do not have the ball.

This Saturday Donald Trump continues his election winning drive with an unexpected play when he ventures where Rat establishment Republicans fear to go – into a black neighborhood/church.  In some post under I am sure Lex encouraged such a move.  Early on I recall commenting that of all of the Republican primary candidates, the only one I could see even trying an outreach to the black community, homosexuals and millennials was Rand Paul.   It turns out that Donald Trump is another.

Saturday’s play is fraught with danger.  As Woody Hayes and Coach Locke used to say about the forward pass in football, “Only three things can happen, and two of them are bad.”  As is often the case in life, with risk comes reward.  The congregation may walk out.  They may hurl insults at him from the crowd.  They may sit attentively, applaud and find merit in Trump’s argument that they really have nothing to lose by supporting a non-Dope candidate for president.  Remember how low the bar is for a Republican candidate with regard to the black vote.  If Trump can get to 10-12% it’ll be huge.  It’s worth a play or two.  We’ll have to see.

The MSM lapdogs, as expected, are already downplaying the event accusing Trump of scripting the appearance.  Well, to be fair, aren’t all political campaign events scripted?  The Empty Suit took the teleprompter into a speech for elementary school kids for crying out loud.

The “scripting” talk may be a Trump rope-a-dope.  Put it out there that whole thing will be scripted and let the MSM run wild with it for two days.  Then show up with a 10 minute prepared statement and answer questions from the congregation for 20 minutes.

Here’s the main thing:  Woody Allen once quipped, “Half of life is just showing up”.  So no matter what form the event takes, it will be the first time a Republican presidential nominee has showed up at such an event in my lifetime.

Should Trump go the unscripted route, all he has to do in my opinion is to stick answering every question with a history less.  Question:  What are you going to do for the black community? (or any variation thereof) Answer:  What have the Dopes done for the black community in the last 50 years?  Let me give you a brief history of the Demo-Dope Party.  They founded the Ku Klux Klan.  Not even one Dope voted in favor of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery.  Not one Dope voted in favor of 14th Amendment giving slaves citizenship.  Not one Dope voted in favor of 15th Amendment giving voting rights to black men.  Republicans voted in higher a percentage to pass the Civil Rights Act than did Dopes.  By becoming a one party vote for the Dopes, blacks have ensured that the Dopes will ignore your needs and Rat establishment Republicans won’t even try for your vote.  So, what the hell have you got to lose?

That sentiment applies to the rest of us as well.  We’re 20 trillion in debt.  The world’s on fire.  America is circling the drain.  What the hell have we got to lose by trying a non-politician?  It has not exactly worked out well for us trusting career pols.

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