Wednesday, September 14, 2016

If the Hutt has "pneumonia" I have the winning mega bucks lottery ticket

America’s greatest satirist Michael Ramirez nails it in one frame here.  The Hutt is a sociopath.  The latest proof is Shrillda the Hutt’s handling of her “pneumonia”.  Her willingness to lie about her health issues is proof positive that she is a sociopath.  She prefers to lie even when the truth will be to her benefit. 

There was no good reason for not reporting “pneumonia” when they “first learned” about it on Fri afternoon.  That diagnosis would have explained away the coughing fits the low energy campaign schedule and possibly “the deplorables” comment.

Conspiracy theory #XX-16:  The campaign knows something is terribly wrong with the Hutt’s health.  They know she is prone to drop as fast and unexpectedly as JoLo’s latest husband.  Knowing she could face plant at any moment, the staff has had the “pneumonia” story ready to go should her unstable condition become public in a video.  If the Hutt drops again, it'll be a "stubborn case of pneumonia".  If she drops again they will blame Trump or a supporter for pushing her.

Then she never gives up the lie until faced with very public information that debunks whatever BS lie she has constructed to cover her incompetence and corruption.  Example that come mind:

There’ a “vast right wing conspiracy” lie debunked by a blue dress.

Landed “under sniper fire” lie debunked by photos of kids with flowers on the tarmac.

Fired the White House travel office for being “corrupt” debunked by a trial which acquitted Billy Dale.

The Benghazi lie about “the video” debunked by the survivors and common sense.

The plethora of lies about the e-mails and the server debunked by an FBI investigation.

The “overheating”/“pneumonia” lie blown up by a video of the Hutt staggering and passing out like Foster Brooks after a 3 day binge before being thrown into a van - sans one of her shoes - like a sack potatoes.

You can bet had no video of that event surfaced, the pathological liar known as the Hutt would still be lying and probably still is.  Who believes “pneumonia” is the real story of the Hutt’s health problems?  I don’t.  I will not believe any “health records” produced by the Hutt either.  The only way I’ll believe she’s healthy is if she is shot with a tranquillizer dart and taken into an alien space ship – the home ship if you will – and the aliens replace the Hutt’s computer chip in an operation televised live to the world in one of those holograms you see in the movies.

Otherwise, as history has proven, everything associated with the Hutt is a lie. 

Trump's child care plan
It has the feel of trying to out Santa Claus Santa Claus.  Why not?  Dopes have been doing this for years.  They promise "free" health care.  What happens?  The health care system collapses.   I like the idea that the child care is a "savings account" that can be used for elder care and and can be used to pay family members for the care. Dopes do the exact same thing only they use taxpayer dollars to pay off their worthless progeny.  

I don't get the government paying for 6 weeks of maternity leave if employers won't.  So if the government is going to pay, what incentive will employers have to pony up?  Makes no sense to me.  Did we learn nothing from Robertscare? 

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