Monday, September 26, 2016

Mondays morning wrap

Something is on TV tonight.  Lex got a look at Lester's list of questions.

For Shrillda the Hutt:

World Affairs:
You were the most widely traveled SecState in history.  You've been called "America's globe trotter".  What size shoe did you wear during all of that globe trotting?

Social Issue:
You are a well-known and long-time advocate for "the children".  What is your granddaughter's name?

Follow Up:
Is it true that you "aint' no ways tarred"?

National Security:
Mrs. Clinton you have three multi-million dollar homes.  How do you keep the security codes straight?  

For Trump:

World Affairs:
As nearly everyone knows, the Pacific island of Yap is key to our far east strategy.  Do you know who the assistant to the third under secretary of  pathway development for national parks is?

Social Issues:
As a well know racist, xenophobe, misogynist and homophobe, would you like to look into the camera tonight and offer an apology to the American people and suspend your campaign?

National Security:
You have attacked the beautiful religion of peace, why do you insist that every single one of  world's billion plus Muslims is a rabid terrorist bent on killing everyone on the planet?

If whites cannot understand the plight of blacks can the same be said for blacks' understanding of cops?
While discussing inner-city policing, Fox News’ Juan Williams told that network’s Sunday morning talk show audience that he worries that there are a lot of white people who are in “denial about what is a very racial situation that unfairly burdens people of color in American society.”  I suppose that’s true.  I suppose I’m one of the white people.

The corollary of Williams’s remark is that there are a lot black people, probably blacks like Williams who are pseudo intellectuals who wear ties, who are in denial about the feral nature of many young inner-city black men.  Check out the video in a the post under about the pack hunting down whites to beat them and strip them naked.  Or check out this piece on the POS who mistakenly shot a protester in Charlotte instead of his intended target a gang banger. 

So sure I can understand that I cannot understand the back experience in America. Can Juan understand that he cannot understand the plight of city police forces – particularly white officers on that force - that are required to bring order to inner-city neighborhoods run by Demo-Dopes for generations that now look more like third world $h!tholes than American cities?

I stipulate that it’s impossible for me to “know” the black experience, but I do know that if I thought the cops were out to get me – not unlike certain citizens every small town in America – my motto would be the same as Larry Elders’, “Don’t die - comply.”   

Every time a Mouhaemmead (pick your own vowels) shoots, stabs, rapes or blows someone up lefty libs can be relied upon to come out in unison and repeat over and over again that the perp “had no known connection to any known terrorist organization” (except islam).

The lefty lib knee jerk reaction to any Muhammad blasting away at innocents reminds me of the famous scene in the Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch’s palace guard march into the palace in lockstep chanting “Oh we Oh, Oh weee Oh, Oh we Oh, Oh weee Oh…”  Just watch the next time Muhammed al Douchebagdaddy shoots up a mall or high school football game.  The lefty libs will fall-in in a tight formation, cover down, align and step off in perfect unison chanting “No terror here, no terrror here, no terror here, no terrror here…”  The MSM will dutifully report that “Douchebagdaddy had no know connections to any know terrorist group (except islam) and clearly had mental problems…”

Of course 98% of terrorist are crazy.  That’s why it’s important to have extreme vetting for people who want to come into this country from countries that support terror.  Hint that’s not Israel, Sweden, Luxemburg etc.   So how did the “crazy” terrorist get into the country?  What’s driving him crazy?  islam maybe?

What’s wrong with this picture

Refugees in Germany.  What does the picture tell us?  
This is perhaps the first time in history where “men” are the hardest hit in a refugee crisis.  This line of “refugees” could just as easily be a line of newly arriving recruits at boot camp.  WTF?? 

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