Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jimmy the fixer Comey's insincere confession and reparations

Jimmy the fixer Comey admitted to the Senate Committee on Homeland security that he is “a deeply flawed and fallible human being’.  That sounds like the opening line of every one of my Catholic confessions.  It also happens to be true of every single person who ever entered this world – except the Spotless One.  In that regard Comey’s confession is more of a, “Hey, I’m just like you.  Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, line of defense for his crooked BS “investigation” of Shrillda the Hutt and, as it turns out, her lying Sac-O-Crap accomplice, The Empty Suit. 

We are all flawed and fallible, but we all don’t succumb to political pressure to taint an “investigation” that the conclusions to are so obvious Inspector Clouseau could have solved it before lunch.  Your sin isn’t being like everyone else, Jimmy.  Your sin is being a spineless political azzwipe.  Your sin not only ruining your own reputation, which would be fine, but also dragging a once proud, respected and trusted agency into a steaming mound of freshly deposited BS and political corruption.   How long do suppose it will take, Jimmy, for the FBI to get the stench of your crooked deals out and regain the trust of the American people to honestly conduct an investigation of a political figure?

Your sin is not being like the rest of us.  Your sin and crime is being bought off, blackmailed, bribed, persuaded or otherwise corrupted into laying out a perfect and airtight case against a powerful political figure for 15 straight minutes before the now famous “however”, as in – “however” no matter how obviously and completely guilty this lying tub of crap is in matters pertaining to national security, I chose not to indict.

The locker room parlance for you, Jimmy, is what Ann Coulter called Ed Schultz and what Ralph Peters accurately called The Empty Suit.  Your crime is allowing the FBI to become another federal agency weaponize by Demo-Dopes against the people of this country. 

One more good reason to kick the UN out Manhattan.
The UN thinks the US should offer blacks in America reparations for slavery and generations of racism.  Okay fine.  Subtract how many years - now generations - of “affirmative action”, welfare, subsidized housing, food stamps, head start, Empty Suit Phones, etc. etc. etc. from the total.  Okay, now what do we owe?

I contend that reparations have pretty much been paid in full by generations of social programs targeted at the black community.  I also contend that no matter what payment is agreed upon, when it runs out, another will be demanded.  Anyone who thinks paying reparations to blacks will end the unrest, much of it manufactured by a race hustling industry that makes money off the unrest, probably voted for The Empty Suit thinking electing a black president would lead to racial healing.

Also where do such payment end?  Were the Chinese treated any better when they worked the western end of the Transcontinental Railroad?  For that matter were the white European Irish treated any better when they worked the eastern end of that engineering marvel?   

Slavery was an odious world-wide phenomenon that continue today in Africa and among the believers in the religion of peace.  Why not let the past rest and concentrate on current events where some good might actually come?

 I’m sure if Shrillda the Hutt is elected she’ll be all for reparation, free college,  free Starbucks for minorities, free cars, steak and eggs for breakfast for everyone – no wait that might lead to global warming – tofu and kale for everyone for breakfast etc. etc. etc. 

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AF Bro said...

Re: Reparations
Add the 1861-65 payments in blood and treasure. That BS bill has been paid many times over.
AF Bro