Friday, September 23, 2016

Trump’s “what have you got to lose” line a double edged sword against Dopes

Trump’s “what have you got to lose” line is a twofer.  It can get him black votes but also by pointing out the obvious to the black community – nothing’s changed in 50 years of voting Demo-Dope so why continue to do it - it also may also get many otherwise reliable black Dope voters to sit this one out.  After all, what’s the point?

There’s little doubt that the blacks who do show up will dutifully vote for Dopes by a large majority.  If Trump can just tap an extra percentage point or two of black votes and disillusion another percent or two who just throw up their hands and say why bother, that’s 3-4 percent shift.  That could be enough. 

But being totally honest with myself, when I look at the face of the black community, Black Thugs Matter, rioters in Charlotte, pampered millionaire athletes sitting out the anthem, The Empty Suit’s “favorite” rapper posting a picture of a dead white judges on the White House lawn on his album cover, black celebs supporting every anti-social behavior that crops up, a black Attorney General who praises lawlessness when it is committed by blacks or on behalf of some perceived injustice, and this disgusting video of a group of feral irredeemable excrement heads beating and stripping a white man, I don’t think a platform of offering jobs to blacks who are otherwise totally cared for as wards of the state will win many votes.

I can understand the underclass rioters rejecting the prospect of a good job and having a good school in the neighborhood. After all why trade a check in the mail for getting up every morning and going to work?  I just cannot understand why the rest, the celebs, the athletes, the Dopes advancing in the Dope party would not be for the prospect of changing the black experience in their own neighborhoods.  I suppose it has something to do with votes, something to do with the racial grievance industry and a fear of being an outlier in the latest SJW hipster FAD.  

I don’t know the black experience.  When I see the face of it, Kaepernick, Charlotte et al I don’t understand it and honestly find in un-understandable.  How is doing the same thing for 50 years with absolutely ZERO results and then being convinced that trying it one more time will work out for them understandable?

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