Thursday, September 01, 2016

Trump hits it out of the park

That went well.  So well, in fact, I made my donation to theTrump campaign this morning.  I think for the first time Mrs. Lex is on board with this allocation of our limited resources to a politician.

Was Trump channeling Lex last night?  I believe the coming out position on this page of many issues - common sense gun control and immigration being chief among them - has been enforce the law.  Sadly for the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzhats that’s sort of like Lex trying to read a Chinese newspaper a totally foreign concept.  That’s really odd.  They passed the effing the laws.  Why wouldn’t they demand that the laws passed by the people’s representatives be enforced before scrapping the system not being enforced and pile a bunch of new laws on top of the old ones that no doubt will be ignored before the ink dries on the signature line?

Enforcing the law doesn’t require the feds to go door to door rounding up illegal aliens.  It means when they come in contact with authorities, they are entered into the system.  In essence they round themselves up over time. Just the fact that the feds will be enforcing immigration law should have the effect of limiting those willing to travel 1,000s of miles only to booted on their first contact with authorities.

Ending sanctuary cities is just common sense.  Why the hell are feds sending money to cities where the local politicians think they have no obligation to follow federal laws?  These arrogant a-holes needs to be sent a message.  No cooperation with federal authorities, no federal money.

I was surprised and happy that Trump called attention to the cost differential of bringing Syrian refugees to America versus resettling them in the region.  12 refugees can be accommodated in the region for every one that money is wasted on to resettle here in the USA.  Donald Trump has the compassionate plan for the American tax payer and the Syrian refugees.

I cannot think of anything Trump said last night that I disagree with.  The beauty of the speech is that it puts Shrillda the Hutt in the awkward position of opposing enforcing the law.  But, on second thought, maybe that’s not an awkward position for her at all.  She’s had a lifetime of practice. 

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Anonymous said...

Trump is acting like a president should act. He's making significant moves, and outlining policies that clearly establish his ability to effect meaningful change in the direction of this nation. The only thing I'd suggest is that he advocate a position of imposing hard penalties on people who intentionally violate our borders. No catch and release on the other side of the Rio Grande; put them in a stockade run by Sheriff Joe, and have them fix roads for a couple of years. Second conviction should mean the big house for 20 years.

Our only choice is showing promise.