Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump to Mexico to collect down payment on the wall before immigration speech

Trump will visit Mexico ahead of his watermark speech on immigration tonight.  I expect Trump to emerge from the meeting with one of those giant Publisher's Clearinghouse checks, a band, balloons and ticker tape for the down payment on the wall. 

Trump gives his long awaited immigration speech tonight.  Ratings will be through the roof.  My guess is that reaction to the speech will be like a group of people looking at clouds, the people will see what they want to see in it.  Ted the tool Cruz will be the tool that he is.  Media tools will continue the meme that Trump is a racist and bigot.

Smart people will understand that the multiple choice portion of the election is over. Those riding the Trump tiger will realize that we’re in the binary phase of the election.   No matter how much Trump’s position on immigration has morphed - or hasn't - since the primary as long as his position is better than Shrillda the Hutt’s that will be good enough.

Okay class a two question pop quiz
Get out your pencils and paper.  Question one:  Given the Demo-Dope Party’s politicization of nearly every crevasse and corner of OUR federal government from the EPA to the DoJ, from IRS to the FBI, from the Department of Labor to the Department of Ag, from a bunch of lapdog sycophant wannabe generals and Azzbag Secretaries at the Pentagon to liars and stonewallers at State, is there any office or branch within OUR bloated, incompetent, corrupt and crooked federal government that you trust?

Question two:  Should anyone trust the Department of Homeland Security to “take charge” of OUR elections?

After the FBI announced that hacker were going after our election process, DHS is considering naming the election "critical infrastructure"  and considering taking charge of the election process.  I take no comfort at the thought of Jeh Johnson or any other arm of the Dope party’s federal government double d-bag henchmen “taking charge” of anything requiring even an iota of integrity, competence, fair play or a child’s commonsense.   This is the portal that lying thieving Demo-Dopes who’d vote have every dead American since 1776 voting Dope if someone were not constantly looking over their shoulders have been dreaming of.

If I were a red state governor I’d sue the fed’s azz off to keep them from tampering with my state’s voting machines. 

Jonah Goldberg points out that vote tampering does not even have to occur.  Sowing the seeds of mistrust in the system is as good as actually affecting the results.  If everyone from Donald Trump to Harry the roach Reid are saying that the system is rigged, isn’t that mission complete for those wishing to undermine trust in the electoral system?    

Goldberg on fire on Special report
You might recall that the lying pantsuit load referred to as Shrillda the Hutt on this page told us over and over again that she turned over ALL of her work related emails and that she only destroyed those dealing with weddings funerals and her yoga routines.   During the same bit on Special Report last night, Jonah Goldberg points out the dog that hasn’t barked in the Shrillda the Hutt e-mail scandal.  Of all of e-mails that have surfaced since the Hutt lied about tuning over all her work related e-mails, not one of them has dealt with yoga.

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