Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Khan-man, The unfit Empty Suit calls Trump unfit, Dope Homer

When this whole Khizir Khan this was manufactured by Shrillda the Hutt’s MSM lemmings, Lex opined that there was “something one off” with Mr. Khan.  It was not hard to arrive at that opinion.  After all, he spoke at the DNC Convention.  The fact that he was speaking at the Demo-Dope convention was the first clue, the subject matter of speech was irrelevant. 

So now we learn that Mr. Khan believes that the constitution that he held in his hand during his speech to taunt Trump with is subordinate to Sharia Law.  Nice, but totally consistent with Dope thinking that the constitution ought to be subordinate to Sharia Law, international law, the Hague, the UN, Black Thugs Matter Law, Social Justice howler Monkey Law, Globalist Climate Change law, and just about everything else that tries to slow the Dope’s unholy effort to flush the country as founded down the crapper.

But wait there’s more.  Why is Khan so peed off at Trump?  Trump opposed the war that got his son killed.  The Hutt supported it.  Shouldn’t his rant have been directed at the pig in a pantsuit?  Well here’s an interestingtidbit.  It seems Mr. Khan was/is making a living off of selling US immigration papers to Muslims.  Nothing get a dad more peed off than losing a son.  But the rath of that loss would have been more appropriately directed at the Hutt.  So what to do.  Apparently for Mr. Khan, Trump’s threat to his Muslim immigration business was a bigger grievance than the loss of his son.   

That’s crazy right?  Well how else do explain this situation?  No anger at the Hutt for supporting a war that got his son killed, and who by the way is far more anti-constitutional than Trump.  While saving all of his over the top vitriol for Trump who opposed the war but wants to restrict Mr. Khan’s lucrative business. 

That’s a hard thing to write.  There is nothing but the evidence and common sense to back up.  If it’s so farfetched, why did Mr. Khan delete his immigration web site?  Why, after his 15 minutes of fame, does he now demand his privacy?   Did Joe the plumber get his privacy? 

There is something very strange about Mr. Khan.  

Unfit azzbag claims Trump unfit to be president
In the worst case in history of the pot calling the kettle names, The Empty Suit unloaded on Trump yesterday as unfit to be president.  This from the guy who has doubled the national debt, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iran and Iraq, called ISIS the JV, ran guns to Mexican drug cartels, established a series of totally meaningless “red lines” in Syria, bowed down to long list of tyrants on a world-wide apology tour, used the IRS as an arm of the DNC, let ISIS metastasis into the global pain in the azz it is today, gave us Robertscare, refuses to enforce laws that very one degree right or left in preventing him from destroying the country.

The little man must lack any measure of self-awareness.   It’s like when azzbag colossus Claire McCaskill said that Trump’s tongue in cheek request that the Russians find Shirllda the Hutt’s 33,000 missing e-mails put the country at risk.  Idiot.  It’s the 33,000 missing e-mails putting the country at risk. 

But why all this rush of hyper-ventilating over Trump now?  Why did the affirmative action pass through poltroon decide to bring his negligible weight against Trump now?  Shrillda is supposedly enjoying a huge bounce from the mountain of BS piled up at the DNC Convention.  Wouldn’t be better to unload on Trump after the Hutt inevitably steps in a pile of her own excrement? 

Conspiracy theory 6-16
We all know that The Empty Suit is/has been a horrible president.  Him acting like one again with his over the top political BS should surprise no one.  But don’t think that Rat establishment Republicans aren’t thinking to themselves, “TES wants us to renounce our candidate and the Republican voters.  What do I do?  How will it play out for me?  If he succeeds in destroying the country, he might give me a government job so I can stay in Caligula, D.C.  Will the MSM finally like me if I do?  This is so hard.”

Well the answer to the “why now” question is one of two things.  Either the Dopes know the polling info is wrong or they know exactly what’s in those e-mails wkileaks says they intend to release.  They want to get out ahead of the drop and damage Trump as much as possible before the world learns for the 50,0000th time that Shrillda the Hutt is a worthless, clueless, rape enabling, self-serving POS.

Religion of peace responds to Dope Homer
The Religion of Peace metaphorically cut off Dope Homer’s outstretched hand with this response to Frankie the Red’s comments about condemning Catholics along with Islamo-Terror-Fascists. 

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