Friday, August 19, 2016

It's shocking how many things are not shocking

How shocking is it that Shrillda the Hutt’s “work related e-mails”, which the Hutt lied when she claimed she never sent or received classified material her homebrew server, contained information so classified that whole pages have been redacted because the information is too classified for some US Representatives to read? 

It’s not shocking at all.  The woman is a walking lie machine.  If she’s talking, what she is saying is most likely a lie.

How shocking is it that The Empty Suit has been found out paying a $400 million ransom to Iran for 4 American hostages?

It’s not shocking at all.  This is the same jug eared doofus that sent 5 Taliban fighters back into the fight for an idiot deserter.   

How shocking is it that Shrillda the Hutt’s campaign would send out anti-1st Amendment fundraisers calling for an end to the Breitbart News website?

It’s not shocking at all.  This is the same woman who blamed the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi on a video and then jailed actually jailed the videographer.  These are the same people who jailed Dinesh d Souza on a flimsy campaign finance charge after he made Obama’s America.

How shocking is that TES is flooding the country with tens of thousands of Syrian and other Muslim refugees that we have no way of knowing who or what they are while our own schools and public services continue to deteriorate under the stress of union occupation Demo-Dope city controlled neglect?  How shocking is that Shrillda the Hutt wants to expand the program by 550%?

It’s not shocking at all.  The main thing is that they become reliable Dope voters.  That’s the same goal as the Dope open border agenda.

How shocking is that a woman can be involved in 40 years of well-publicized lying, thieving, gross negligence, money laundering, influence peddling, intimidation, incompetence, aiding and abetting of a serial sex offender and  perjury and still land the Demo-Dope nomination for president?

It’s not shocking at all.  Criminal activity, lying about it and covering it up – though the cover up is hardly necessary given the MSM’s willingness to ignore Dope crime – are all resume enhancers for Demo-Dopes.

How shocking is that given the scandal ridden Dope nominee, the plethora of very real, very dangerous, threats facing the republic, that the MSM and thereby the American people are more consumed with an American swimmer’s claim of robbery in Rio than the fact that the county is circling the drain after eight years of the Dope’s careful sabotage?     

It’s not shocking at all.  40-50 years of educational rot, MSM cheerleading for every foolish Dope initiative and Hollywood rot and their liberal lockstep have had their desired affect.

What is shocking is that NONE of this is shocking to the MSM or the American people.

Predictably, The Hutt’s campaign rejects Trump’s “regrets”
I’m pretty sure Lex predicted that if Donald Trump were ever to apologize for something, the apology would not be accepted.  Here’sShrillda the Hutt’s response to Trump’s “regret” for words that “may have caused personal pain.”  If things run true to form, I’d expect the next three weeks to be dominated by MSM asking variations of, “What did you mean by that?”  "Do you need to do more?"  "Why should anyone believe you?"  "Isn't this just a campaign stunt?"

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