Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump calls for cleansing of the Hutt from America, no wait, that was Will Smith calling for Trump and his supporters to be cleansed

This is what’s going to happen from now until Nov.  The Demo-Dopes and their MSM lapdog are going to be manufacturing BS.  Which is odd, because their own candidate is such a steaming mountain of it, you’d think there’d be no need to make any more. 

The latest imbroglio manufactured by the felons that populate the leadership of the Dope Party and the MSM is that Donald Trump wants “2nd Amendment people” to assassinate Shrillda the Hutt.  Only a brain dead idiot can screw Trump’s words around and arrive at that conclusion.  But I repeat myself – Demo-Dopes, MSM lapdogs and brain dead idiots are the same people after all.

The media are running this part of Trump’s statement in a loop:

"Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment.   If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks.
"Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don't know."
 Here’s the real deal on Trump’s comments 
The Hutt’s and therefore the lefty Lib reaction to the comment, of course, is to assume that all of us “2nd Amendment people” are murders and assassins.  My sense of history – too lazy to research it now – is that political assassination has pretty much been the work of lefty Libs, Demo-Dopes and their sympathizers.  
And how weird is it that the Demo-Dopes and MSM throw all of us crazy “2nd Amendment people” into one big murdering assassinating bunch while they give the religion of peace a complete pass for being the Murder, Assassination, Havoc and Anarchy Inc. that they are?  
Conspiracy theory 12-16:  My guess is that if anyone has an interest in seeing the Hutt dead, Billyboy Billbo Clinton is more interested in seeing the Hutt assume room temperature than Trump.   Unwittingly the Dopes and the MSM may have given Billbo the cover to finally put into action his years old secret plan to knock off his pain in his azz, ehum, “wife” while framing Trump for the deed. 

So in the Trugglypuff era, where every lefty lib spends his/her/their/ziz/zir/zar entire day trying to figure a way that you going about your daily life is a total microaggression directed at them, the Hutt’s alert BS manufacturing crew is on the job producing at a record pace and mixing in faux righteous outrage, hurt feelings and mock stunned disbelief for good measure. 

As is always the case with Rat establishment Republicans, a good number of them can always be counted upon to join the Dope BS machine in mock outrage.  Michael Hayden joined the dope choir, saying, “If anyone else had said it, they’d be arrested.”  I doubt it.  Let me try.  This is a statement freely issued by Lex on 8-10-16:

"Shrillda the Hutt wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment.   If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks.
"Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don't know."

Waiting.  No.  Nothing.  Waiting.  Nope. Nothing.

When I saw Hayden’s comment, I thought to myself, “Gee for such a smart guy he sure is dumber than a bag of door knobs on this one.  Maybe that’s how we missed Sadam shipping his WMD over to Syria before the second Gulf War.”   

Next, Trump is a showman.  An assassination by bullet has been done over and over.  It’s old hat.  Besides you’d need a pretty big gun, maybe one specially made for that size game.  If Trump really wanted to off the Hutt, he’d have it done in a much more colorful way.  Here’s my plan.  We know/suspect that the Hutt is prone to seizures.  So, the Diazepam pen used to control seizures is switched out for one containing sodium pentothal, which forces the Hutt to tell the truth.  She has such a negative reaction to what is a totally foreign experience for her that she goes into violent convulsions, drops the ground on her bloated belly and flops about like a 20 pound carp gasping for air after being pulled from the water and dropped onto the deck of a fishing boat.  Her dying words, bleated out between mad gasps for air, are: “Can’t – tolerate – truth.”  Billbo can be seen in the background smiling while texting his latest girlfriend that their date is a definite go for tonight.

Okay, it’s bad form to even kid about things like this, but eff ‘em.  They started it with a load of BS.  Besides no one on their side complained too loudly when books, plays and movies were made about the assassination of GWB.  Back then we were supposed to respect the 1st Amendment rights of the producers and appreciate the artistic value of the product.  Like I said, eff ‘em.

With the daily manufactured stories on Trump that have nothing whatsoever to do with a single issue before the American people in this election cycle, Trump needs to be some kind of Svengali to break through the triple cordon the MSM has placed around the Hutt  (Where did they get that much material? Was an environmental impact statement submitted?).  Even if he did manage a breakthrough, the system it turns out is pretty much as rigged as Trump said. 

Dennis Prager unveils Dope Homer and the mess we’re in here.

Homemade flamethrower
When you see the words “homemade” and “flamethrower” together in a news headline, you don’t have to read any further to know that it didn’t end well.

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