Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Trump down 50 more votes

Okay I don’t understand any of this. The “this” is 50 so called Republican national security experts signing a stinging letter denouncing Donald Trump.  To what purpose?  Jobs in a Clinton administration?  Jobs on Jeb!!’s 2020 presidential campaign staff?  If the polls are correct, Trump is down 8-10 points, why say anything?

I can understand just about anyone having reservations about Trump.  I could understand anyone maintaining those reservations if the opposition candidate were anyone other than Shrilda the Hutt.   What the letter tells me is that the 50 are Rat establishment Republican Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags more concerned about maintaining their inside track on Caligula, D.C. perks than moving the country in a new direction – away from the cliff. 

Given the Hutt’s proven track record of one gigantic miscalculation after another during her disastrous stay as SecState, her could give a $h!t attitude about national security operating in the clear on an unsecured e-mail server to conduct State business, her clear trail of lie after lie after lie about her server arrangement, her illegal deletion of 33,000 e-mails from her private server, her failure to secure the consulate in Benghazi, her absolute lies covering her ample azz in her complicity in deaths of 4 Americans there, her lies about the proximate cause of those deaths, her use of her office as SecState to operate a pay to play shake down scheme for the Clinton Crime Family Foundation that makes jailed former IL Gov Rod Blagojevich’s operation look like a crooked weekend penny ante poker game, her mountain of lies piled upon lies on everything from cattle futures, whitewater, the WH travel office, Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones, Wauneta Broderick, Kathleen Willy  et al, how in the hell can anyone with a brain say Trump poses any worse risk for America?  When it comes to those 33,000 missing e-mails, I guarantee you someone has them, and that makes the Hutt 100% totally blackmailable.  Yet Trump poses a greater risk to national security?  YGBSM.

Given her track record, were she anyone without the last name Clinton and a D behind her name, she’d be in jail.  In fact, she’d have been jailed long ago.  She’d be coming up on her 3rd or 4th parole hearing about now.  Yet these ReR wizards of smart question Donald Trump’s suitability for office.  You know what?  Maybe it’s time we had a guy who the world was just bit unsure of.  Maybe we need guy who the world says, “Hey look, we have no idea what this guy will do, so let’s be on our best behavior so he doesn’t run a harm missile up our butts or cut off our foreign aid package.”

The #NeverTrump movement captured in one headline
What do these people hope to salvage after getting Shrillda the Hutt elected?  When the flood of refugees and illegals come in under the Hutt and start voting because, well that’s the whole point – right, how are the #NeverTrump forces going to gain control and win a national election to right the ship that they have forced onto the rocks by their shortsightedness?

The #NeverTrump “independent” candidate captured in one headline
The thinking is that this guy was specifically picked to deny Trump Utah thereby making the Electoral College math nearly impossible for Trump. 

Maybe all these ReR bastards know something that the MSM isn’t telling us.  I do not recall such a concerted effort on the part of the MSM, the elites in both parties and the Hollywood swells to torpedo a candidate they insist has no chance of winning.  So maybe does.  Paulie Walnuts’ primary tonight maybe an indicator.  He was up 60 points at one time.  Let’s see.

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