Thursday, August 18, 2016

Intolerant libs want Soviet-style purge of US history

A trite truism is that those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.  So why are lefty libs all about erasing US history when it comes to the Civil War?  Lex is no fan of the Confederate flag.  It is a symbol of a revolution that nearly destroyed the union.  I do not think it deserves government support outside museums and educational material.

That said, I cannot work myself into a lather over some guy who flies that flag from the back of his pickup truck or puts one up in his front yard or nearly anything else a guy might do with that flag.  Nor do automatically transfer the term “racist” to people who fly that flag.  I don’t know.  It’s sort of like when I see some dumbazz in a Che T-shirt.  I don’t assume he’s a commie bastard.  In most cases they are just ignorant hipsters trying desperately to draw attention to themselves by sporting a t-shirt with a murdering commie bastard’s likeness on it.

The current purge in America of all things Confederate strikes me as a bit Soviet like.  When Stalin “erased” someone he went so far as to erase them from official photos and records as well.  When Pharaohs in ancient Egypt changed, the new Pharaoh would often have the old Pharaohs chiseled from edifices and replaced with their own.  When ISIS and other Islamo-Terror-Fascist scum roll into a new area they go on the prowl for antiquities and religious symbols that they can wantonly destroy in the name of their god of peace and tolerance. 

So when Vanderbilt University shells out a million plus dollars to sand blast the word “confederate” from a couple of buildings, I think WTF.  First off it’s a private university.  They can do whatever they want, but are the snowflakes at Vanderbilt so fragile as to not be able to look at a word on a building in some historical context without dropping to the ground wailing like a recalcitrant 2 year old at naptime?  Seems to me the words ought to stay as a historical context of race in America at an “institution of higher learning”.

I do not know what to do with the plethora of Confederate War Memorials, schools and other building named after Southern icons that dot the south and pay homage to what were essentially traitors.  Sure that’s a strong word and much worse than the word “racist” in my book.  So if can put honors to traitors in historic context, why can’t race baiters?  It seems to me that these memorials and “naming rights” to public buildings were part of healing the nation after the Civil War.  So if that worked for people when the emotions and wounds were the rawest, why all the fuss now that those wounds have scabbed, scarred over?

My sense is that that we ought to leave them alone least we look like old Soviet style dictators trying to airbrush our history.  If they must go, they should be carefully preserved and displayed in an appropriate setting least we look like intolerant ISIS double D-bags.   

One thing is certain.  No matter what is done, it will not be enough.  Black Thugs Matter and the usual race baiting excrement heads will be protesting at the buildings where the word “Confederate” was sandblasted bitching about how racist Vanderbilt was and remains. 

Nothing will be sufficient to put a dagger into the race baiting industry.  There are too many race baiters making a living and political hay off of the divisions for them to ever say, “Well now that we’ve melted down all of those Confederate statues and turned them into MLK statues we can finally put end to the charges of racism in America.”

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