Tuesday, August 02, 2016

This election pits globalist against America as a free and sovereign nation state

Well sadly the fix is probably in on the 2016 election.  We knew the MSM azzbags were all in with the Dopes.  We knew that academia* would be 4 square behind any Dope candidate no matter how incompetent, corrupt and anti-American.  We knew the know-nothing Hollywood numbskulls would line up in lockstep behind the Dope candidate, because that’s the cool thing to do in Hollywood.  Nobody wants to be uncool in Hollywood.  Weird that a place that claims to be the world’s hub of individuality, diversity and creativity displays no of it in political opinion and looks like an army of Stormtroopers from Star Wars when it comes to politics. 

We knew all of this.  What we didn’t count on was half the Rat establishment Republican Party would come out in support of the opposition’s candidate.  We didn’t know social media – Twitter, Google, Facebook and now add Siri would bend their own rules to disadvantage a candidate.  Who knew the local fire marshal would get in on the corruption?  We didn’t expect the courts to allow anyone who can stroll cross our open border to participate in election by striking down all manner of voter ID requirements. 

So what’s up?  Well, all of this more proof that the ruling class azzbags are more in cahoots than ever.  All of this happens after Trump banished a field of 16 Republican challengers, nearly all of whom are Rat establishment Republicans and firmly entrenched Ruling Class azzbags.  The establishment in both parties cannot stand Trump.  That should be good for about a 40% vote for Trump.

What’s at stake here I think is globalism Vs. the autonomous nation state.  I believe that’s why the elites in both parties are in such an uproar over Trump.  Trump with all of his “make America great again” and “put Americans first again” is throwing a rather large wrench into the make America a globalist state machine.  First Brexit and now Trump.  What’s a globalist Ruling Class elite to do when with a blue collar billionaire who is willing to put his country and the people of his own country first?

The globalist have turned the heat up so slowly that almost nobody noticed.  Then this brash New Yorker shone a very bright light on the inner workings.  Cumbersome 23 party trade deals that no one understands.   A two party system that isn’t.  A global warming scam designed to force industrial countries into the poorhouse so as to be on a par with underdeveloped crap holes run by despots.  A compliant MSM.  Brain dead go along useful idiots in the entertainment industry more interested in being hip than being right.  Swells like Mark Cuban, gazzillionaire lawyers, hedge funders and the cast of nearly always wrong talking heads – with regard to Trump anyway – are all shouting at us that we have to stick with the ruling class azbags who have brought us to the brink of destruction.  Voting Trump would be just too dangerous for the country, beside he’s a racist, bigoted, homophobic, womanizing fool that backed into his fortune.    

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Dope Homer: socialist, communist, globalist

The latest idiocy from socialist/communist Dope Homer on open borders and Islam are also pointed at a globalist agenda.  Besides men wanting to live free under an accountable government, what’s the biggest threat to the globalist agenda?  I believe it is Islam.  That is why the powers that be never want to link the terrorist with Islam.  Doing so would mean that there are potentially a billion plus Muslims that have no intention of going along with the scheme unless they can run it.  That makes it an us against them scenario which is the worst possible thing – other than a Trump Presidency – for the globalist.

I can understand Dope Homer wanting to give Islam the benefit of the doubt when it comes to world-wide the murder, mayhem and savagery being perpetrated against any man woman or child who strays a 10th of an inch from their 12th century way of thinking in the name of Allah.  I suppose you have to do such things if want to encourage a reform at some point, but why does Dope Homer have to throw today’s Catholics in with this murderous scum?  Piss off Homer.  For once in your pathetic papacy, stick to doing the job the Holy Spirt tapped you to do – directing the Catholic Church.   

Boiling the election down to globalist Vs. a stable functioning nation state called America may be way too simplistic an explanation, but that’s my take this morning.

When I saw this, I fired this 5 word inquiry off to my pastor, Father Dan:  Is the pope even sane?      

*Is “academia” even the right word anymore?    Seems to me academia indicates scholarship and inquiring minds.  I don’t think that what is happening at today’s universities if the Trigglypuff phenomenon is any indication.

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