Thursday, August 04, 2016

Khizr Khan nothing more than a political hack

Okay, I’m officially sick of Khizr Kahn.  He is now the clock boy of the DNC.  You recall clock boy?  A POS Muslim trouble maker who buys a Radio Shack clock, removes the case, adds some wires and LEDs, installs it into a briefcase and claims he “invented a clock” that just happens to look like a bomb.  That’s a stranger coincidence than 400 million in cash showing up in Iran just an hour or so before the hostages were released.  The clueless sail eared dope at 1600 PA Ave texts the trouble maker “Hay Ahmed nice clock.”  The Empty Suit would think so. 

Clock boy’s shtick was all BS and it is rapidly appearing that Mr. Khan’s is as well. When he tells Trump to give back the Purple Heart a guy gave him at a rally, Kahn is again attacking the wrong target.  His target at the DNC Convention should have been Shrillda the Hutt, who voted for the Iraq War that got Khan’s son killed.  Instead Kahn decided to hit Trump.  If Kahn was upset by a guy giving Trump a Purple Heart, his argument is with the guy who gave up the medal not with Trump for graciously accepting the treasured gift. 

So Mr. Khan - Gold Star or not - you have become a bore and an azz. Your son is a hero.  You are not.  You have become the worst possible case – a political hack.  Your Gold Star status doesn’t give you the privilege of deciding what tokens supporters chose to hand a candidate.  In fact Gold Star status gives you not even one legal privilege not enjoyed by every other citizen.  It doesn’t make you smarter than anyone.  It doesn’t make your opinion worth any more than Ned the Wino’s. 

In fact I find your use of your Gold Star status bordering on the bizarre.  You’re not supposed to stand on your dead son’s body waving a copy of the Constitution you believe is subordinate to Sharia Law to push a criminal into the White House.  Compare the Khans’ use of their Gold Star status with this:  

Mr. Robert Stokely who lost a son in Iraq: #perspective

So, the last few days, I have been asked "what do you think of Mr. Kahn's speech other night?" I have great respect for Mr. Kahn's right of free speech and his right to share his son's loss in Iraq with the world in whatever way he wishes. I had the same respect for the same rights for Cindy Sheehan. However, when some use the loss of a loved one in war when making a political point - as Mr. Kahn and Ms. Sheehan did with their beloved sons, they kind of drag the rest of us along for the ride. Us as in "us" who have lost a dear loved one, especially a child.

So here is my response: I do not choose to Remember Mike or any other Fallen military person by dragging them into a mud hole of a political debate or political race. They deserve better than that. A lot better.

As much joy as I have in my life, as blessed as I am, and as much as I try to move forward and live a full life, I will still die with a broken heart. I don't like the title "Gold Star Father". I don't deserve a Gold Star, especially since it was my son who sacrificed his life and he only got a Bronze Star. So I distance myself and refuse to wear the Gold Star lapel pin for that very reason. If anybody deserves the Gold Star it is the person making the military sacrifice, not their parents or other family members.

Now predictably the Rat establishment Republican Ruling Class knuckleheads are suggesting Trump “apologize and move on”.  Bad idea.  First off an apology means the exact opposite of “moving on”.  Ask Trent Lott.  An apology means the sharks have drawn blood and it’s time to move in for the kill. 

Trump needs a pat response every time Khan’s name comes up.   It goes like this:
First, and again my sympathy to the Khans.  Next, I never supported the war that Capt Khan was killed in – Shrillda the Hutt did.  Next, I didn’t attack Mr. Khan.  He attacked me on national TV.  I was asked a question and answered it.  The MSM – an extension of the Hutt’s campaign – did the rest.  I never lied to Mr. Khan about how is son died like Shrillda did to the parents of those boys who were killed Benghazi.  But I’m supposed to apologize while she gets a pass?  Really? 

Here’s how Ann Coulter addresses the Khan case.

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