Wednesday, August 24, 2016

FBI investigating Roanoke as possible terrorist attack, will they be able to prove "intent"

In a case that even famed American lawman Barney Fife could crack in a few minutes, the FBI is sending in a crack investigative team in to make a “determination” if terrorism played a roll.  A man named Wasil Farooqui slashed the throats of a couple in Roanoke, VA while shouting  “Allahu Akbar.”

Wasil Farooqui plus an attempt to decapitate two people plus Allahu Akbar equals terrorism as surly as 2 + 2+ 2 = 6 right?  No.  Do not let common sense enter your mind in this case.  Things are NOT always as they seem in The Empty Suit’s America.  A lot of people called the Ft. Hood shootings terrorism but that turned out be nothing more than “workplace violence.”  Some thought the Pulse night club attack was as clear a case of terrorism as there is but DoJ tells us “we may never know the motive.”  Shrillda the Hutt clearly lied, covered up, destroyed evidence and disclosed state secrets to the world, but without “intent” what can be done?  There was no crime.

No worries on this case though folks.  Jimmy the fixer Comey’s FBI is “working to determine the nature of the incident.”  YGBSM.  Everyone with half a brain already knows the nature of this incident - terrorism.  No doubt Jimmy the fixer has handpicked the team that consists of Chief Clancy Wiggum, Inspector Clouseau, the Keystone Kops and the entire cast of Police Academy with the task force being headed up by Demo-Dope hatchet man James Carville.

Then in Shrillda the Hutt e-mail news conference fashion, expect Jimmy the fix to release a 15 page statement why the attack looks like a clear cut  terrorist attack - to wit, a guy with a Muslim sounding name, acts out typical Muslim terrorist act, while shouting typical Muslim terrorist mantra etc. etc.  All of the ironclad evidence of another terrorist attack on US soil will be ignored by the fixer when the inevitable “however” starts the last two lines of the FBI report.  As in, “However, while the evidence is clear that this was in fact a terrorist attack, that conclusion does not support The Empty Suit’s nor Shrillda the Hutt’s agenda to bring 550% more of these creepy people into the country.  So the FB(l)I(e) has concluded that since ‘no intent’ can be established in this case it is nothing more than a random act of violence committed by a crazed man with a Muslim sounding name trying to decapitate two people in according to Muhammad’s instruction while shouting the terrorist mantra Alahu Akbar.”  

The MSM will run with the fixer’s BS story.  The Hutt will say, “Well the fixer has said this wasn’t a terrorist attack.  And just as he cleared me of all wrong doing and declared my every word to him, congress and the American people was the absolute truth we have to accept the FB(l)I(e)’s report and move on.” 

Do you see what has happened here?  With the total BS lie and cover up the Hutt’s criminal activities in the e-mail scandal of her own making, Jimmy the fixer has tainted the entire FBI’s reputation. The FBI is can no longer be trusted to be honest with the American people.  As a colonel once told us, “You start with a million dollars’ worth of integrity, but you cannot spend a nickel of it.”  Jimmy the fixer cashed out the FBI’s entire cache of integrity when he used his position as director to cover up the Hutt’s crimes.

So Mr. and Mrs. America you can add the once proud and honest FBI to the list of thing The Empty Suit and Demo-Dopes have transformed from agencies “for the people” to agencies that are now “arms of the Demo-Dope party” in America.  The FBI now joins, DoJ, IRS, EPA, the Pentagon, DHS, BLM, Dep of Ag, as political hacks for the DNC.

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