Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I do believe Western Civilization is on shaky ground. If you doubt that, ponder the following.

Okay class turn in yesterday’s homework.  Yes, AFBRO, spelling counts.   I’m sure you all did fabulously well.  Now I have to bug out to clear field of fire at the compound.  Don’t worry.  In my absence, I’ve brought in a very capable Substitute Blogger.  Have a nice day.

Mr. Garvey Substitute Blogger:  Okay you mooks sit down and don’t make a sound or I’ll boot you out here so fast when finally come to you’ll be back at last week's pep rally.  As is the age old policy with substitutes, I have a couple of slides for you to ponder followed by a brief video.

First slide please:

Please write a caption for this slide.  Girls, are you seriously telling me that you are more interested in the creepy asexual on the right?  If that’s the truly the case, my caption is: The death of Western Civilization.  I say Western Civilization because we know Muslims would hack this fool’s head off about 10 seconds after he showed himself on the streets of any Muslim capital like Brussels, Berlin, Madrid, London etc.

Next slide please:

This card is actually being distributed at universities.  WTF? I’m 60 years old and still don’t know what a reflexive pronoun is – sorry Mrs. Woodward.  My initial response is that if someone ever tells me they demand to be referred to using the pronouns xe and xem is to inform that:  “Okay.  Fine.  I prefer, nay demand, to be referred to as 'The High Commissioner in charge of assigning all pronouns'.  As such, I assign you he and him.”

Okay class Lex scared the bejeezers out of most you yesterday with the Geert Wilders piece (post under).  If that caused you angst, I suggest you Trigglypuff types head for your “safe spaces” right now.  In this video, Paul Weston paints a pretty dark picture and even speaks of civil war.  So after the video, I may let you out early to buy a sporting rifle and/or extra ammo.   If Weston is correct, and I think he is, you'll need both.  Your homework for tomorrow is, given the above, state one good reason why #NeverTrump.  Hint -turn in a blank sheet of paper.  There are no good reasons.

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