Friday, August 26, 2016

The Hutt defends criminal activity by citing the one time she wasn't a criminal, Trump on immigration

According to the Hutt, she cannot be liar because she told the truth once
Shrillda the Hutt’s defense against an AP report that half of the meetings the slug-like Hutt took as SecState were with donors to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, is that the report doesn’t count 2,000 meetings she had with world leaders.  Okay fine.  7/16
ths of the meeting were with donors.

The Hutt’s defense is like famed bank robber Willie Sutton claiming he’s not a bank robber at all because of the 2,000 banks he visited but didn’t rob.  The banks not robbed are irrelevant.  It’s the dozen or so that were that’s the problem.  It would be like her claiming that’s she’s not a liar because she told the truth once, she can’t remember when it was mind you, but she’s certain there’s at least one time she actually told the truth.

It’s the criminal activity that is “the thing.”  The Hutt wants her occasional honesty to clear the slate of a life-time of crime.  She should get no credit for being honest on rare occasions.

Trump on immigration
All the world it seems is in a wad because Donald Trump is rethinking, softening, changing, flip flopping etc. on his signature issue – immigration.  Accordingly all Trump supporters are now supposed to dump the Donald in a fit of rage. 

A few of things:

Trump has not released his immigration paper or speech yet.  He’s still working on it.  I’m willing to wait for that speech or paper before turning the country over to a lying thief.

The pundits and pols both left and, sadly of course, the right are outraged that a non-politician would say something impolitic.  So now we’re supposed to jump ship and let a brain damaged racist flush what’s left of the country.

Many of the very people who Trump vanquished in the primary process and who vowed to support the Republican nominee but who have to date withheld their endorsement, are now reveling in Trump’s troubles with his as yet non- policy immigration policy.  So we’re supposed to behave like the dishonorable twofaced career politicians, moisten our fingers and hold it up to judge the direction of the prevailing wind and allow a criminal influence peddler to sell the White House and what’s left of the country for her personal gain.

According to lefty and right pundits and washed up pols, we’re supposed to dump our guy for engaging in the time honored political activity of “pivoting” toward the center after a hard fought primary, and allow this walking talking unaccomplished disaster who would be cleaning jailhouse bathrooms right now were it not for her letch of a husband stroll into the Oval Office.

When Trump releases his paper or speech on immigration, my guess is that his position as stated in that “official” policy, whatever it is, however it has changed, will be a lot closer to my own than anything that the open borders, destroy the country through unfettered immigration, create a one party system through government giveaways to immigrants, invite the Islamo-Terror-Fascist 5th column into the country policies of the Hutt and the Demo-Dopes.

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