Thursday, August 11, 2016

Faker Dan Rather fakes outrage over 2nd Amendment people

The goddamned liar known as Dan Rather suggests that the MSM shame Donald Trump supporters.  Rather must be more senile than first thought, otherwise he’d know that the American MSM sadly needs no cues from Rather to attempt to shame supporters of any Republican presidential nominee.

In a moment of a total lack of self-awareness, Rather actually wrote that’s Trump’s comments on “2nd Amendment people” – covered by Lex in the post under - reached “a new low and unprecedented in the history of American presidential politics.”  No Dan you can revel in knowledge that that honor still remains and probably always will be yours, and yours alone.  I cannot imagine such a more carefully engineered and choreographed line of pure BS falling apart any faster or more completely than your Geo. Bush National Guard story, which fell apart faster than a Jenga tower in a bumper car at the state fair.

Now who really needs to be shamed is Shrillda the Hutt for a life-time of lies, thievery, promotion of rape and influence peddling.  How about shaming washed up lying Sac-O-Crap, has-been Dan Rather whose career can be boiled down to a couple of fake Texas National Guard forms and letters.  But, who are we kidding?  Shame the Hutt?  Shame Rather?  Neither has the minimal self-awareness and humility required to feel an iota of shame. 

How about we get the bought and paid for FBI Director - Jimmy the fixer Comey - to investigate Trump’s word’s using the exact same standard as he did for the Hutt’s e-mail arrangement as SecState.  Is there any “provable intent” to call for the assassination of the Hutt by Trump?  Well then, there’s nothing to see here.  Move along please.

Ann Coulter has the perfect metaphor for what the MSM are doing to Trump and the Rat establishment Republican reaction to the effort:  GOP blames victim of media rape

I ask now as I asked last week, what pieces do these azzbag #NeverTrump fools expect to be left to be picked up and put back together after 4 years of a Shrillda the Hutt administration?  I do not believe it will be possible to put Humpty Dumpty back together in 4 years if the Hutt wins.  So what is the purpose of taking out the Republican nominee?  My gut tells me it is as simple as this: “The ruling class Rat establishment Republicans come first, now and forever, f*ck the country.”  Hard to believe, given the alternative to Trump, that there is a single patriot among the #NeverTrump crowd.

Oddly, by twisting Trump’s words the ONLY ones talking about assassinating the Hutt are Demo-Dopes and MSM lapdogs.  As noted in the post below, political assassination seem to be the purview of the lefty libs and Dopes.  Now some Dope staffer named Seth Rich has been murdered under mysterious circumstances.  Some think he was the leak at the DNC, and now he’s dead.  Dope assassins strike again.  So… 

Prevent racism, hire more white people
DoJ has issued a report that the Baltimore PD is racist.  Hmm, Baltimore is run by a black mayor, a black prosecutor, had black Police Superintendent before the Freddie Gray fiasco and is a fully integrated police department.  So what gives?   The only answer is to get more responsible white men in there to clean the mess up.  

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