Monday, August 29, 2016

Lefty hypocrisy and latest note to the editors

Trying to capture lefty lib hypocrisy
I know it’s useless to point out the hypocrisy of the left.  It would take a sheet of paper large enough to cover the Super Dome or Shrillda the Hutt’s azz to chronicle it all.  I was amazed at the courage of faith Kayla Muller showed during her ISIS captivity.  You can read about it here.   Unable to capture it in words I thought a juxtaposition of pictures might do the trick.

A picture of grace and a picture of...well to be kind - something else.  For the full Trigglypuff experience with commentary click this funny video.

The Empty Suit stiffs Kayla Muller’s foundation after promise to donate
The fact that The Empty Suit has yet to make the donation to Kayla Muller’s foundation is not what’s surprising in this story.  No doubt feigning sorrow and sympathy at Kayla’s death are as good as the real thing, and in TES’s book promising a donation is as good as actually writing the check. What I find absolutely stunning in this story is that TES’s White House threatened to prosecute the Muller’s if they managed to pay the $6.2 million ransom demanded by ISIS. 

YGBSM!  The guy who – in the name of the US government - freed 5 Islamo-Terror-Fascists to get a worthless US deserter back* and dumped 400 million in cash on the Iranian Ayatollahs to get 4 US hostages back threatens to prosecute private citizens for paying a ransom to get their daughter back?

*I’m rethinking TES’s horse manure trade for Bergdahl.  Since TES was going to let the 5 ITF go anyway at least he got something for them – even if that something is a deserter.    

NFL 49er hypocrisy
While we’re juxtaposing pictures, how about these two.  Spoiled rich kid sits during the national anthem to protest something – “people dying in the streets.”  While a Marine with no legs manages to get his butt out of his wheelchair for the anthem.

Neither the NFL nor the 49er’s organization plan to take any action against Kaepernick.  Well how could they when pretty much anything goes for these NFL players.  Consider this.  The 49ers are a private organization.  As such it would be perfectly within their right to demand players conduct themselves in a manner as to not bring discredit on the organization.  The NFL and 49ers ought to squash this before it becomes a trend.

Besides the whole premise of the protest is crazy.  But why would anyone expect an NFL quarterback in San Francisco – or anyone in that city - to be informed.  Where are these “people dying in the streets”?  Well just about any city in America run Democrats.  Hello Mr. Trump.  Will Kaepernick be sporting a Trump T-shirt at his next photo op?  It seems to me that would do more to improve the condition of inner city blacks than any disrespect he can show the country that has made him a millionaire 20 times over.   

Latest Lex note to the editors
The local Demo-Dope propaganda machine is in full “support the Hutt” mode publishing a mountain of letters and OpEd pieces supporting the lying thieving Dope griffter.  Lex tilted at this windmill in the letter below.  

It’s laughable that people who head for the fainting couch at the thought of a President Trump are so un/misinformed that they support Hillary for president.

As is always the case, Democrats resort to calling their opponents bigots and racists conveniently ignoring their own party’s and candidate’s racism.  Are they unaware that Bill Clinton counted among his mentors two former Arkansas governors and raging segregationists, William Fulbright and Orville Faubus?  While Bill Clinton claims he rode the back of the bus to support Rosa Parks, he was learning his trade from the kind of people who put her there.

Hillary Clinton called former Grand Kleagle of the KKK Robert Byrd, a man who once said that he knew “a lot of white ni**ers”, her mentor and the “heart and soul” of the senate.

Ironically, while Democrats call Trump a bigot and his followers Klansmen, it’s their own party and candidate who have ties to the Klan, an organization founded by Democrats to intimidate blacks, while Republicans were organizing the NRA to protect blacks from the Clinton’s Klansmen mentors.  

Democrats tout Hillary’s resume, which is impressive until the question “What has she accomplish?” is asked.  Hillary’s resume reads like that of a washed up third string NFL quarterback that traveled around the league to 5 or 6 good teams in 2 years but whose only claim to fame was leading the league in interceptions per attempt.  The fact that she held a key position on good teams doesn’t disguise the fact that she was a terrible and incompetent player.

Hillary is good at some things though, defrauding the cattle futures market, covering up 30 years of assaults on women by her husband, lying as easily and often as we breathe and destroying evidence in a federal investigations.  That’s quite a resume.  

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AF Bro said...

Lex: I scorched the 49ers' staff for allowing an uninformed, pampered, PC ball-thrower to denigrate the flag, the country, and all vets. Your millions of readers can do the same at this e-address:

And here are some interesting stats that are not mentioned in schools or by the MSM...or by the ReRats:

Votes for
13th Amendment Abolishing Slavery: 100% Rep vs. 23% Dem
14th Amendment Giving Slaves Citizenship: 94% Rep vs. 0% Dem
15th Amendment Giving Voting Rights To Black Men: 100% Rep vs. 0% Dem

And don't forget the "Dixicrats" who stood united against the civil rights legislation of the '60s.

AF Bro