Thursday, August 25, 2016

Men to dominate women's sports and privilege

A victory for men in the Title IX battle
Lex predicted that women would be about the only ones who would suffer from letting men identify as women.  If men are allowed to compete against women Title IX becomes a joke and women won’t win much.  Sorry ladies. That’s just a fact of life, and lefty libs call conservatives anti-science.

White privilege?  How about Clinton privilege.
Kristian Saucier appeared in a federal court last Friday where a judge sentenced him to one year of prison time.  The judge also ordered Saucier to serve six months of home confinement with electronic monitoring during a three-year period of supervised release after the prison time. Saucier, a Sailor, pleaded guilty in May to snapping six pictures of the inside of a nuke sub then destroyed the evidence.

Messing with classified information?  Destroying evidence?  That all sounds familiar.  Where have I heard that before?  Something about 33,000 e-mails being destroyed by a former SecState.  Give me a minute.  It’ll come to me.

Too bad for Saucier he couldn’t get Jimmy the fixer Comey or Loretta what’s in it for me Lynch to judge the trial.  His best hope might have been a deal for Shrillda and Billbo Billy boy to adopt him and changing his last name to Clinton making him a criminal untouchable.

Thug whiner class privilege
While we’re on the privilege note here, a random uncontrolled thought just popped into my head.  We hear all of this talk of “white privilege”, particularly on campus where anything normal and in the main is considered a “privilege”. 

The latest rage on campus are “privilege boards” that basically shame people for the way they were born, the people they chose to associate with or their unwillingness to submit to the Social Justice Howler Monkey (SJHM) agenda. 

It has gotten to the absurd.  Being white is a privilege.  Being male is a privilege.  Being male and identifying as a male is a privilege.  Being a Christian - which is more and more condemned, lampooned and ostracized on campus - is still somehow a privilege.  How is being hated, condemned and made fun of a privilege?  Well because the Trigglypuff brigade cannot stand anyone comfortable in their own skin and those damned “do unto others”, non-judgmental, live and let live, happy Christians are the worst.  Just who the hell do they think they are praying for the sick and needy?  It is so ridiculous that students who have no grievance are actually the outliers on campus these days.  Students absolutely must be offended or aggrieved by something normal to fit in on today’s campuses.

Well contemplating this BS trend on campus, it seems to me the SJHM are missing the one truly “privileged” class – the thug, constantly whining, constantly wounded class. Anyone resisting arrest is an automatic and immediate privileged class with the SJHM crowd, particularly if they rightfully get a beat down or their azz shot off for their trouble.  Mike Brown is privileged and has spawned a meme that is a total lie but has the privilege of being a SJHM hero. 

Thugs disrupting free speech and assaulting conservative speakers on campus or at a Trump rally are SJHM heroes.  Thugs that disrupt traffic and business are SJHM heroes. 

The common thread of their privilege is that they are rarely arrested or otherwise held to account.  Consider the “occupy movement.”  Cowardly social misfits allowed to camp out in public spaces all over America.  The camps quickly became dens of rape, drugs and filth.   They should have been bulldozed into the nearest river.  No doubt the EPA would have had a fit for polluting rivers with such filth. 

I don’t know where this going, but the point is that these thugs and whiners always seem to get a pass and that campus boys and girls is real privilege.  So check it and get your whiny azz back to class.

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