Friday, August 12, 2016

Ride the Trump tiger, hope the most powerful man in the world publishes the Hutt's e-mail

There is a poll out that indicates that 20% of Republicans want Trump to quit the race.  That’s an interesting and stupid idea.  First off anyone who thinks Trump dropping out will stop the Dopes from running against him are stupid beyond belief.  Hell the Dopes are still running against George W. Bush.

Beside I’ll bet my 2015 The OSU National Championship coffee mug that, given the opportunity, most Demo-Dopes wouldn’t hesitate to dump their bloated, brain damaged, snaggletoothed, lying, thieving, rape enabling, influence peddling pig in a pantsuit candidate, with a baboon azz ugly daughter and a letch of a husband as well.  In fact, I’d wager 98+ percent of thinking Americans are disappointed with both candidates and would scrap both tickets given the opportunity.  So 20% is actually a pretty good number for Trump.

The difference between Rats and Dopes is that ONLY Rat establishment Republicans feel the need to get their opinion of just how bad they think their candidate is onto the public record, and they never mention the disaster the Dope candidate would be in the process.  Dopes NEVER signal weakness.  Rats are weak by nature and do what comes naturally - quit, whine, cry, pout, stomp foot...  Had this long line of ReR cowards been assigned to Patton's 3rd Army during WWII he'd have worn himself out slapping the $h!t out of them.

My advice is the same as it was in the primary – ride the Trump tiger.  First because he won the nomination fair and square – something his opponent cannot claim.  Next, Trump is one terrorist attack, one vicious illegal alien crime, one Shrillda the Hutt public seizure, one more Hutt fall, one more public minute of silence in the middle of what she calls a thought, one hacked DNC e-mail, one hacked Shrillda the Hutt State Department e-mail, one Clinton Crime Family Foundation scandal, away from the presidency.

I’ll bet there are a lot of people – mostly Dope operatives - who think the most powerful man in the world right now is an un-elected Australian man hold up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London as a political refugee to escape extradition on a rape charge back home – Julian Assange.  The Wikileaks founder says there are tons more embarrassing Hutt e-mails to come.  Let's hope so.  Not only that, let's hope that the underlying crimes are so easily understood so as to break through the density of complacency of low information voters who are forever more interested in a Kardashian botox procedure gone bad than the governance of  their country.

Ride the Trump tiger and hope and pray he can pull it together or that one or many of the scenarios above unfolds before the election.  But be realistic.  Hedge your bet with a sporting rifle and 10,000 rounds of ammunition to protect yourself when the inevitable re-education arrests begin about a year into a Shrillda the Hutt's presidency.

I don’t think that that’s unrealistic.  The entire system is rigged – the vote is being rigged.  The FBI is rigged (After Jimmy the fixer Comey's non-indictment of the Hutt, no link necessary) .  The DoJ is riggedThe IRS is still riggedThe EPA is rigged.  Saddest of all, the military at the highest levels is now rigged, and it’s all rigged against us.  Paranoia?  Maybe.  Like the 400 million in cash showing up on the ayatollah’s desk 15 minutes before 4 US hostages were released, it could all be just a coincidence.

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