Monday, August 15, 2016

2nd Amendment people probably will fight, so will the New Black panthers

When Donald Trump had his “2nd Amendment people” moment, I did not think that it referenced the assassination of Shrillda the Hutt.  Nor did I think it referenced the mobilization of NRA voters for the November election – though that may have been Trump’s intent.  To me the comment meant that the Hutt and the Supreme Court could do whatever they want, barring an amendment to the constitution, the 2nd Amendment people would resist any effort by the feds to unlawfully grab their guns. 

I believe that Trump is correct and have written as much several times, most recently in the post just under.  When one side can stuff the ballot box with impunity and then use their ill-gotten power to turn the levers of government against their political adversaries, what mechanism is left for the opposition but some form of armed resistance?  

Apparently I’m not the only one thinking along those lines.  This article – the bulk of which was lifted from a 2012 study - at Business Insider describing how the military would put down an armed rebellion recently caught my attention.   First off, the picture that leads the story does not exactly instill fear.  In fact it’s sort of a YGBSM picture.  But then I’m not foolish enough to expect that that “blended force” in the picture is the one that will do the heavy lifting in combat.  Like all things Lefty Lib, it’s all BS.  It’s all for show.

Next, the “rebels” are, of course, depicted as Tea Party reactionaries which is totally foreign to the mostly white haired, crazy hat wearing, clever sign carrying, clean up after themselves after the rally typical Tea Partier.

Then the action, of course, takes place in the deep south even though the farthest south most civil unrest has gotten these days is Ferguson, MO.  Those crazy Tea Partiers.  Maybe we should have the action take place in The Empty Suit’s America in place like Milwaukee, WI where feral animals and the New Black Panthers have declared war.  The best thing about TES’s administration is all of the racial healing taking place.
Then the scenario is so stupid and contrived it’s a blessing that the retired Army colonel who contributed to the piece is no longer leading young death defiers in combat.   In their idiotic scenario, retired Army colonel and University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies professor Kevin Benson and Kansas University history professor Jennifer Weber expect that the rebels will sit dutifully by and let themselves be wiped out by a much superior force of federal troops and machines.  That’s nonsense and counter to every book ever written on insurgencies and guerrilla warfare.

Again TES’s America where a retired Army colonel demonstrates his lack of strategic and tactical thinking for all to see and a “history professor” who apparently doesn’t know much about history.

All “the rebels” have to do is refuse combat, fall back, melt into the population, reorganize and pull the same thing at a different locale in 4 months’ time.  Patients grasshopper.  Don’t lose the war in the first engagement. 

Also, with regard to shutting down highways and extorting tolls, unless the car has an “I’m with her” bumper sticker on it, it would be foolish extort money from the very population the freedom fighters hope co-opt into their movement.   Why not just take the money needed for the movement out of banks insured with a banker’s blanket bond in your area of operation?   That’s a twofer.  You get the cash.  The money is replaced with no harm to investors or depositors.  Heart and minds people.

It’s also worth remembering that American patriots routed the world’s most powerful military once before.  They didn’t do it by being static and letting themselves be wiped out in a single battle.  Public school grad’s, ask your mom’s and dad’s about it.

Dopes forced to admit –The Empty Suit is out of his depth when standing in a parking lot puddle
From the beginning of The Empty Suit’s reign of incompetence, Lex has argued that he’s not all that smart.  Clever with a second story man’s brass, yes.  Smarmy with a line of BS for every situation, yes.   But actual intellect and book smarts, no.  Uh make it, HELL NO.  As Sarah Hoyt over at Instapundit so accurately put it
WE STILL DON’T KNOW HIS GRADES, WHAT HE STUDIED OR HIS IQ: Anyone believe he’s hiding those out of modesty?  If so, have I got a deal for you in Florida swampland.

Accordingto Richard Fernandez, even the Dope elite are finally beginning to get the real picture of TES’s dismal record.  Toto is just now pulling the curtain back on the Great Powerful Empty Suit to expose a common low-bred dolt that turns gold into rust.  Fernandez uses a no talent opera singer as a metaphor for the no talent TES in his piece here.

Voter fraud reportedin UK Muslim areas.  Now we know why Dope want to bring so many in
Sure let’s bring 550% more into the country and then avert our eyes from the lawlessness that ensues.  To notice it, comment on it or do anything about it, of course, would be racists Islamophbia.

Unelected unaccountable judges now responsible for the Ohio budget
Wow that’s weird.  Now that we have an all-powerful judiciary that can direct tax dollars, I guess it’s time for the legislature to pack it in and head home.  Boy we sure could use some John Roberts style cleanup of the Ohio law defunding PPH.

Steinem: People disapprove of Shrillda the Hutt because she’s a gal
First off most men tend to “like” women.  Next, a majority of the population – women - unless they show up at a party wearing the same dress, like women.  And Shrillda the Hutt is a Dope which is the majority party in America.  And she has all of the MSM flying top cover for her scandal ridden lack luster campaign.  Her legal last name is Clinton, otherwise the brain damaged felon would be jail right now.

So, Gloria, Shrillda the Hutt started this thing with huge advantages.   Still people see the Hutt as a brain damaged, lying, manipulating blister bag full of crapola.  No.  I believe the Hutt’s disapproval has to do with her being an incompetent First Lady, Senator, SecState, and candidate who happens to be a brain damaged, unlikable liar, thief, rape enabler and influence peddler who places her own worthless fat azz above the security of the nation.   But other than that, sure the disapproval could be because of chromosomal make up.  Why not?

Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terror
Our comrades over at
The People’s Cube nail the “it has nothing to do with Islam meme” here.  Brilliant!

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