Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Donald Trump perhaps the worst possible choice except for the other possible choice

I actually find it comical that the people who work themselves into a lather over Donald Trump are apparently okay with Shrillda the Hutt becoming president.  Apparently for them, a lair who lies as easily and frequently as the average person breathes is a better choice than a TV personality. 

Apparently for them, a life-long thief – cattle futures, Whitewater, extortionate speaking fees, using the office of Secretary of State as a pay to play influence peddling scheme that makes crooks selling shares in the Brooklyn Bridge look virtuous – is a better choice than a guy who has earned 10 billion dollars in business. 

Apparently for them, an immoral, possibly brain damaged woman who covered up a lifetime of her impeached, perjured, letch of a husband’s predatory behavior toward women is a better choice than a guy who builds tall buildings.

Apparently for them, a self-serving, no-talent, lifelong politician who is perfectly willing to risk national security for nothing more than her own personal convenience is a better choice than a political novice.

Apparently for them, a “feminist” who couldn’t get elected dog catcher were it not for her old man’s last name is a better choice than a guy who built his own brand and puts it on his planes, buildings, helicopters and merchandize.

Apparently for them, a tired, “grossly negligent”, asleep at the switch, incompetent boob complicit in the deaths of four Americans, who lied about it to us and the parents of the four, then lied about lying to the parents is better than a guy with bold new ideas.

Given the choices, I don't know how anyone gets all that worked up over Donald Trump.  I suspect it has more to do with them losing power and influence than any actual fear for the future of the country.

Citizenship test is a joke
The despicable lying, thieving POS, with spawn even more worthless than he is, known here as Harry the roach Reid and sharia loving, constitution waiving (but still subordinate to sharia) Demo-Dope shill Khizr Khan have challenged Donald Trump to take the US Citizenship test.  I signed up for a sample test here.  Honestly, I thought it was going to be like one of those 8th grade tests from the 1930s where not only can I not answer the questions correctly, I’m not even sure what the question is asking.  Like, how many pecks make up a bushel?  Peck?  Uh 4?  Maybe 2?  Pretty sure it’s an even number though.

The citizenship practice test was a joke, long on civil rights short on civics.  I scored a perfect 100% - twice.  Compare that test to this 1931 8th grade final exam.  No wonder The Empty Suit got elected twice.  Thanks to the Teachers' Union we have become a nation of morons and elected one our king.  Public education today more interested in safe spaces and diversity training than real education.  It’s instructive to note how positive all of the questions on the 1931 test are regarding the founding of the country and its standing in the world at that time.  I doubt you could find teachers capable/willing of even writing such a test in TES’s America.  If they are capable, they are probably flying under the radar so not to be ostracized by their peers and school administrators.

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