Friday, August 05, 2016

Cockwomblers, VPs, Islamists and stolen elections - all right here

Just for fun
Gotta love the Brits.  They have such a way of putting things.  Try this piece by James Delingpole on climate change (or whatever the latest term of art is for the weather).  The word “cockwomble” in the title is obvious click bait, so I used it.  The B3TA Dictionary (Yeah who knew?) defines a “cockwomble” as a person “
possessing properties of striking idiocy”.  That being the case, I have to assume that it is nearly always preceded by the word f*cking when spoken in England.  As in: Obama has to be the biggest f*cking cockwomble since the French generals who designed the Maginot Line.  Or maybe one of these idiots.

Food for thought for the #NeverTrump idiots
Ann Coulter once wrote that any VP selection that was NOT an outsider would lead to Trump’s impeachment by Rat establishment Republican.  Trump didn’t listen to Coulter and picked pretty much an insider – Mike Pence.  From the Clinton Crime Family Foundation to the “lost” 33,000 e-mails and because the Hutt has a complete aversion to telling the truth even about things that don’t matter, Shrillda is a walking talking case for impeachment before ever being sworn in.
If ever there were a clear case for “future crime” of the type portrayed in the movie Minority Report, it would be with Shrillda the Hutt.  It is not possible for her to not lie.  She and her husband have long unbroken record of crime against the people of this country.  Does anyone seriously suppose that they are capable of interrupting their criminal activities for 4 years while the lying, thieving, rape enabling, vindictive POS is President of the US? 
Nobody knows for sure what Donald Trump will do as president.  But if elected, he’ll be elected on the Republican ticket.  That in and of itself makes him impeachable to 98% of Demo-Dopes.  Given the fear and loathing he struck deep into the hearts of Ruling Class establishment azzbags on both sides of the aisle, he might just be impeached for spite.

For the first time in history there may be greater odds in Vegas for the president to be impeached – no matter who gets elected – before the first ballot (non-Dope fraud ballot anyway) is ever cast.  Given the inevitability of impeachment no matter who is elected, I think the #NeverTrump dolts ought to consider this.  If it helps clear their conscience to vote Trump, consider it a choice between VP candidates Pence and Kaine.

Islam’s war with the West
Lex has opined that the US has been at war with Islam since 1803 when we battled the Barbary Pirates in the Maghreb.  I was wrong.  That makes it the first time I’ve been wrong since the summer of 82 when I thought I was wrong but it turned out I was right.
Here’s a good historical view of Islam’s war on the West.  Spoiler alert:  Islam has been at war with the west since its inception in the 7th century, and like with all things Islamic, nothing has changed.  Sadly, history, commonsense and a mountain of dead bodies is not sufficient evidence to convince today’s globalists that Islam is not compatible with free men or the West’s traditional liberal thought.  The only lessons that teach the West’s progressives and Islamists anything are the lessons written in their own blood.
So as The Empty Suit brings 10s of thousands more un-vetted Islamic refugees into the country and Shrillda the Hutt promises to bring in 550% more than TES, the Boston bombing, the Pulse night club attack, the San Bernardino attack etc. etc. are going to become more and more common place.  Of course the lefty Libs’ attacks on all things Christian will continue as they excuse the atrocities of Muslims.  All the while we’ll be continually warned of a backlash against innocent Muslims.  Well, I’m beginning to think that “innocent Muslims” are kind of far and few between. 
 Stolen Elections
Trump is saying that the election is rigged.  He’s being lampooned by just about everyone in the Dope party and the MSM for saying what we all know to be true and common Dope practice since the Chicago dead rose to vote in 1960.  Judges in 4 states have struck down voter ID laws.  It’s incredible that an ID is required to rent a lawn roller, or pick up tickets at the will call window but not to cast a vote for the nation’s leadership.
 Dope hero and rapist Billyboy Billbo Clinton is encouraging illegal aliens to vote because they here, they have driver’s licenses, they are working and they are paying taxes.  Shrillad the Hutt on the other hand just wants to transplant thousands of Puerto Ricans into Florida to swing the election there.  The People’s Cube has its usual spot on interpretation cloaked in dripping sarcasm.
 Lex once warned, and if he didn’t shouldn’t have, that once the people have no trust in the electoral system, the only avenue left for them to influence an unaccountable government is armed revolution.  I believe that is true.  Can someone explain another path?  I suppose you could go on strike or withhold taxes.
 The Dope pols and their lemming judges and MSM lapdogs are playing with fire.  They could very well end up destroying the very thing they covet.  At any rate it’s a good enough reason to consider that sporting rifle and 10,000 rounds of ammo again. 
 And on that happy note, I gotta run.  

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