Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump is finally getting it together! or Is Trump finally getting it together?

I saw Donald Trump deliver his speech on law and order from the teleprompter last night.  He was firing on all cylinders.  Last night made it three in a row for Trump.  His economic speech was a huge success.  His foreign policy speech on ISIS was well received – even by #NeverTrumpers.  Last night he did what Lex has been telling Republicans to do, go after the black vote, or at least that part of it interested in jobs and decent living conditions.  Remember Trump doesn’t need a majority of the black vote or even anywhere near a majority.  He needs a paltry percentage of the black vote, maybe as low as 7-10%, to upset Shrillda the Hutt’s race based apple cart. 

I’d love to see him campaign in a couple of black churches and ask, “What have Demo-Dopes done for you in the last 40 years?  Every election cycle the Dopes promise change, but 40 years later here you are exactly where you were 40 years ago and maybe even worse off.”  He’d do great.  He wouldn’t even need to prepare for questions.  The answer to every question posed by a black in the congregation would be some variation of: “Look the black vote has been taken for granted by the Demo-Dope party for 50 years.  You have turned out in great numbers to support them.  Then before the yard signs are even pulled up after the election, they have forgotten you.”  He’d enter the belly of the beast, and he’d have the beautiful irony of hearing Dopes complain about politics being discussed in black churches.   

Last night gave me hope that Trump can turn this thing around.  It’s only mid-August and he has yet to spend a dime on TV ads.   I think he needs to ditch the one hour plus stream of consciousness rifts at his huge rallies that were so popular during the primaries.  Go for a 40 minute concentrated attack on crooked Shrillda and Dopes in general.  Do more town halls in black and other minority communities taking questions from the crowd.  Never take the bait from the inevitable Dope plants.  If he doesn’t like the question, ask that it be rephrased.  Reject the premise of negative questions and quickly move on.  Stick with the basic idea that doing the same thing for 40 years and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

He needs an hour or two everyday prepping pat answers for the debates.  Sure that’s the old politics that Trump hates, but it’s time to get the winning message out to the people.  When the inevitable Khzir Khan question comes up, Trump need to go after Shrillda the Hutt, “Look whatever anybody thinks about my unfortunate spat with the Khans they need to know that I did not support the war that got Mr. Khan’s son killed.  She did.  I did not lie to American people about how anyone’s son was killed.  She did.  I did not lie the parents of any American about how their child died.  She did.  I did not lie about lying to the parents.  She did.” 

When the inevitable, “Do you know who the undersecretary for drainage and seed allocation is for Botswana?”  Just go for the throat.  “No, and I do not care.  I’m fighting for the American people.  I’m going to spend my time fighting for the American people.  Whoever that dude is, he’ll know who I am.  If wants something. He can call me.”

If the woman card comes out, drop the rapist, misogynist Billbo bomb and the Hutt ‘s covering it up on them so hard that it never shows up again.  

I think he needs to have to have these things pretty well laid out before the debate.  One thing is for sure, Trump will be debating the Hutt and whoever is asking the questions.  Aside from his family, the media probably won’t even allow anyone in the venue friendly to Trump.

The debates will be YUGE!  Get ready!

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