Monday, August 01, 2016

Convention and Khan

Last words on DNC Convention
No.  Hell no.  I didn’t watch any of the DNC Convention.  On the last night of the convention I read that Shrillda the Hut tried to re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-introduce herself to Americans.  How many times does one have to introduce themselves after 30 years?  It’s like your 40 year old son living in your basement coming upstairs at the crack of one o’clock in the afternoon every single day and saying, “Hello.  My name is Jim.  How do you do?  Now, what’s your name again?”

Eight years ago when Shrillda the Hutt was locked in a death match with The Empty Suit, some bright guy made an excellent point.  Either way the Dopes are going to have to invest a billion dollars in ads.  If TES wins, they’ll need to spend a billion because nobody knows who he is.  If Shrillda wins, they’ll need to spend a billion because EVERYONE knows who she is. 

The only things that have changed for the Hutt in 8 years is the addition of more and more scandals – just off the top of my head: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Benghazi, lies about Benghazi, Russian reset, missing e-mails, lies about the missing e-mails, enormous speaking fees from evil Wall St. fat cats and universities who she claims are gouging students with ever increasing tuition and fee and the crooked as Clinton Crime Family Foundation. 

Using dead soldiers for politics
I’m pretty sure that while I mentioned that Cindy Sheehan was being used by the Demo-Dope Party, I gave her personally a pass as a grieving parent.  Sheehan was an antiwar protester who protested G. Bush with great media fanfare.  This time a round we have Shrillda the Hutt who supported the war against Trump who (supposedly) opposed it. 

Enter Khazir Khan, a Hutt supporter and the father of an Army Captain killed in action.  His big claim to fame is holding up a pocket constitution and telling the DNC Convention and the world that Donald Trump has sacrificed nothing. 

First the easy one.  I don’t know what holding up the pocket version of the constitution was supposed to prove.  Was it that Trump wants to stop un-vetted people from countries that support terrorism from entering the country?  Sorry, that is totally legal, and is probably already the law.  That means that it is the Hutt that Mr. Khan should be handing his pocket version of the constitution over to as she advocates an open border, laws be damned.  It’s the Hutt that wants the 1st Amendment abridged with regard to free speech under Citizens United.  It’s the Hutt that thinks putting the words “common sense” in front of “gun control” makes it any less of an unconstitutional control and disregards the 2nd Amendment.  It’s the Hutt that thinks the 10th Amendment is a silly notion when she applauds every state initiative struck down by overzealous overactive federal judges.  Isn’t it strange the activism always seems to be in one direction – to the left?

The more thorny issue is the death of Khan's son.  I tend to give parents of dead soldiers a wide birth.  It is a sacrifice like none other.  I do not heap hero status on the parents of fallen war vets though.  They didn’t join. They didn’t ruck up, move out and draw fire.  They didn’t get killed in the line of duty defending this country.  The parents are the living embodiment of their loved one who did.

I cringe every time I see a parent like Ms. Sheehan and Mr. Khan being used – usually by Dopes – for political gain.  This is no different.  Donald Trump had nothing to with Mr. Khan’s loss. The Hutt, The Empty Suit and a Pentagon full of wannbe generals who accede to foolish nonsensical rules of engagement and military missions is where the proximate culpability lay, if Mr. Khan is interested.  Then there’s the “fate factor”.  It comes into play when everything is done correctly, every reasonable measure and rule followed and still a bullet or piece of shrapnel kills a warrior.  We call this war.  It is cruelty.  It cannot be refined.   

So we honor Mr. Khan’s son for having the courage to join the armed services of this country, to ruck up, move out, draw five and lose his life in the process.

As for Mr. Khan, there’s something one off about this guy.  Using the memory of his dead son for political purpose is but one indicator.  He says terrorism has nothing to with Islam.  That’s nuts.  It turns out that Khan used to work for the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  He is now working for a law firm that is registered to work for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, and a lobbyist from the firm has bundled $50,850 for the Hutt’s campaign.  No smoking gun here, but as I said, something is one off with this guy.

Now Juxtapose Khan with Pat Smith, whose son Sean was killed in Benghazi.  Was she on every news network’s news loop for a week after her speech at the RNC Convention?  No she was not.  In fact the MSM went about “fact checking” her remarks in an effort to discredit her.  When Smith and other family members of the four slain Americans at Benghazi told the MSM that the Hutt lied to them on the tarmac when they received the dead bodies of their loved ones, the Hutt claimed that the survivors didn’t remember her remarks correctly.  Except the dumbazz said them on tape over and over again.  No media uproar over any of that.

Let’s be clear what happened at the RNC Convention is way different than what the DNC pulled.  There is a world of difference between losing a child who signed up for combat in the predictably unpredictable violence and chaos of war and losing a child who is a communication analyst at a supposedly secure compound due the to the incompetence and negligence of his bosses.  Pat Smith is nonetheless ignored and even criticized by the MSM for trying to bring to light the Hutt’s negligence in her son’s avoidable death while Khan has achieved hero status by standing atop his son’s body and criticizing a guy who opposed the war that got his killed.  Weird doesn’t even begin to describe it.

And before we go too far off on false narratives - that US Muslim soldiers are being killed by the thousands defending this country.  14 Muslim soldiers have lost their lives in the war on terror which is the exact same number of US soldiers that US Muslim soldiers have murdered in the name of jihad.  12 by Hasan and two by some Islamo-Terror-Fascist in 2003 before the invasion of Iraq.

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