Friday, July 29, 2016

Everyone, but the people it seems, oppose Trump

You cannot trust anything you read or hear from anyone any more.  We know Demo-Dopes lie as casually as most of us breathe.  We know that the MSM lies to cover the lying of the Demo-Dopes.  We know that once the party line is established – like Donald Trump called on Russia to hack Shrillda the Hutt’s media accounts – everyone from Dopes to MSM to ESPN to all of the Hollywood swells fall into formation and dutifully mimic the chosen line. 

Now we know that Snopes, Twitter and Google have joined the team of media draft horses that are necessary to drag Shrillda the Hutt’s enormous, bloated, rotting, stinking, uninspired, dead carcass across the presidential finish line.

Were Michael Ramirez to take on the assignment of depicting it in a political cartoon, imagine a view from an airplane looking down on a Lilliputian sized army of Shrillda the Hutt apologist on one side of the finish line pulling mightily on a rope that looks like a thread tied around the pinky finger of the aforementioned enormous, bloated, rotting, stinking, uninspired, dead carcass of the Hutt that is just shy of crossing the line.  Behind the Hutt would be a rut the size of the Grand Canyon that marks the progress the army had made so far.  The rut would be strewn with obstacles - her plethora of scandals if you will - any one of which would have been enough to stop any candidate not named Clinton cold and probably enough to land them in jail.  But there she is, that close.  Can the gang pull her enormous, bloated, rotting, stinking, uninspired, dead carcass across the presidential finish line? 

Stay tuned Mr. and Mrs. America.  In the far back of the frame is a man sprinting to the finish line.  He is depicted with long oddly combed light colored hair in ducktails.   

The DNC Convention
No.  Hell no.  I didn’t watch any of it.  The night that featured a lying, thieving, no talent, unaccomplished, rape enabling POS was not “must see tv” for Lex. 

When I see things like this, I think to myself, who the hell cheers an abortion?  What potential was in that child who was destroyed?  A cure for cancer?  An amazing career in music?  A stranger who pulls a woman from a burning wreck?  These are all potentially A Wonderful Life George Baily type lives.

I can understand the thought process that leads to abortion and can empathize with it.  I cannot and never will understand cheering the thought or act of it.  I can understand a political party being satisfied every time the Supreme Court further entrenches abortion into law.  I cannot understand celebrations outside the court reveling in the fact that it is becoming easier and easier to destroy a human life just as science makes those lives more and more viable.

The celebration of the act is becoming more disgusting than the act itself.  It seems to me, at minimum, and even among abortions most ardent supporters, an abortion ought to be seen as somber a moment as pulling the plug on grandpa at the end of life or on an unresponsive child after an automobile accident.  I just don’t get all of the cheering on the left for this sad, sad act.

The headline is about all you really know here

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