Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Guilty as hell but no recommendation for indictment

Well, well, well who knew that Jimmy Comey was a Lex reader?  It looks as if, after reading the post under prepping the masses for the FBI not indicting Shrillda the Hutt, Comey, thought what the hell and took to the airwave to break the news he thought everyone already knew.

Watching the replay of Comey’s announcement knowing the outcome, it must have been surreal to watch it in real time.  Comey spends thirteen minutes telling the world what lying, dishonest, negligent, extremely careless, criminally manipulative $h!t the Hutt is by hiding and destroying evidence and who wantonly  exposed US secrets to America’s enemies, however we are not recommending any indictment.  Yes, yes, by all means, she’s guilty as hell of breaking a couple of dozen laws and endangering lives and America’s security, but you must understand we cannot prove that that was her intent.   Huh?  YGBSM!  You try that defense.  Sure I got drunk and drove my car into a crowded intersection, but believe me that was not my intent.  So under the Shrillda the Hutt law, you have to let me go.

But enough of the outrage.  We knew this coming.  Caligula, D.C. swells do not indict Caligula, D.C. swells.  So case closed.

It’s all up to Donald J. Trump to make the bitch pay now.  If I were the Donald I’d focus on two things, #Riggedsystem.  There can be no doubt now.  Laws are for the unwashed clingers in the hinterlands.  Next, rather than railing against the FBI, I’d use Comey’s words over and over again.  I’d make them into a rap, country, and pop songs.  I’d print them on flyers and distribute them door to door and place them on the windshields of cars at the malls.  I’d use them in every tv, radio and web ad.  I’d use them every time the Hutt opened her mouth to attack me.  See wants to see my tax returns?  Sure just as soon as I see your 30,000 or so deleted e-mail etc. etc.  

This case, along with the IRS investigation, along with the Fast and Furious investigation, SCOTUS’s decision on Robertscare, Dope representatives holding Jr. High like sit-in on the floor of the House and the myriad other investigations where no one is ever found to be culpable for their murderous behavior is proof positive that under The Empty Suit we have now entered the world stage as a certifiable Banana Republic. 

So for George Will, the National Review crowd et al, explain to me again why #NeverTrump.    

Perfect timing for Paulie Walnuts
While Comey was letting the Hutt off the hook because he could not prove intent of her gross negligence – two mutually exclusive ideas – Paulie Walnuts condemned Trump for using a Star of David in an attack ad on the Hutt irrespective of intent.  Now Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism, his son-in-law and grandkids by that marriage are Jewish.  But good ol’ Paulie couldn’t give the Donald a pass by indicating that, under the family’s circumstances, clearly there was no intent to be anti-Semitic by Trump.   Instead Paulie took the opportunity to chastise Trump about a BS story while making himself look all high-minded.    

Turns out even most Muslims agree with Trump

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